Painting Time!

 photo 311bwresized_zpsw4wpkrgh.jpg photo 313bwresized_zpsqpyrehlx.jpg photo 319bwresized_zps1ixxtko8.jpg

I was painting with them.  photo 324eresized_zpsquhnwvch.jpg photo 331eresized_zpsvv6xspo7.jpg

Payson wanted me to take a picture of this Plants vs. Zombies 2 picture I drew earlier in the day. I just copied a picture from google images but he thought it was the best morning of his life. haha 🙂  photo 337eresized_zpstrt9zxur.jpg

After everyone else had gone to bed I was up with just Ember. We were drawing together on the white board and I told her I was going to draw her. When I drew this goofy girl with the giant head Ember lost it. She was laughing harder than I’ve ever heard her laugh in her entire life. It was literally one of the best moments of my entire life!!  photo 339eresized_zpstg8ax1dw.jpg

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