Good Morning! Welcome to Breakfast Time at the Hausens!

 photo 364eresized_zpscrqfncez.jpg

I was having an egg and avocado on a bagel. How cute is my baby?! photo 393eresized_zpsjx2mpoz7.jpg

I gave Everett a bowl of gluten free baby puffs when I was doing dishes later in the day. He was crying in his high chair so I just let him eat them on the kids’ bench.  photo 396eresized_zpsvcg5fy3f.jpg photo 406eresized_zps3snut4p9.jpg

And then I sat down to try to blog but never did! haha
And is that baby eyeing my coke?!  photo 483eresized_zpskhfxlwox.jpg
The girls had already had breakfast and were out playing in the snow, like usual!

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