The other day Ember came into the living room with a box of Krave and asked if she could have some.
The thing about Krave is I buy it and use it more like a dessert than a breakfast cereal. So I was conflicted. Let my kid have Krave for lunch? I don’t know….

 photo 041eresized_zpse70nmsjg.jpg photo 042bwresized_zpsjo46daid.jpg

Before I even answered her she started goofing off with the box. She was dancing around and then bonking herself on the head with the box and laughing heartily at herself!  photo 046eresized_zpsdquk83k2.jpg

She would even smack herself in the face with the box and laugh and laugh. photo 050eresized_zpsr9xswqas.jpg photo 085eresized_zpsabhse9qi.jpg

Oh and if you’re wondering why I put text onto a couple of these pictures, or why I put pictures together the way I do, it’s not for blogging. It’s for scrapbooking. I know I’ve said it before but I just wanted to say it again. haha. I try to print all my photos in a horizontal orientation to make scrapbooking easier. Sometimes I add text to a vertical photo if I don’t have two vertical photos open to add to a 4×6 landscape canvas.  photo 083e2resized_zps1ohi6zhu.jpg

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