Mother Goose Time and Other Fun

I came across our Mother Goose Time box and rummaged through to see what kind of leftovers we had. There are about a month’s worth of projects left from when we did Mother Goose Time and Adventures in Learning. I love those curriculums. I can’t wait to start ordering those again once we settled in Idaho. Ember is going to freaking LOVE it!! I bet by then Everett will, too! I’m so excited!
But anyway, we have a bunch of activities left that we never got around to so we did some and have been doing some here and there this last month 🙂  photo 014eresized_zpsp1owqm3e.jpg

It was adorable watching Payson and Ember like this:  photo 016eresized_zpsoo2d3grj.jpg photo 018eresized_zps2kryhoa7.jpg

They were making little books about fish. Brooklyn wanted her fish to look like Nemo so she started doing that and then asked if I could show her what clown fish really looked like on the iPad.  photo 026eresized_zpsh6mlzqix.jpg

Payson’s book was my favorite. But that’s hardly meaningful because I truly loved these littel books the kids made! Each of them was completely different than each others and they were just adorable!! But yeah, I mean, look at this cute page!  photo 029eresized_zps8mzlrdqn.jpg

Ummmm, could he have drawn that shark and fish any cuter?!  photo 029eresizedcloser_zps4fgon5he.jpg

After destroying as much as possible over by the preschool stuff Everett spent some time looking outside.  photo 031eresized_zpsudnwymro.jpg photo 037eresized_zpsguutbgjf.jpg photo 038eresized_zpsg0locxig.jpg photo 095eresized_zps48ettexz.jpg photo 106eresized_zpsbckvxtch.jpg

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