Fox Run Park

With the weather nice I decide it’s time to start going to the park as often as possible! We’re ready for warm weather! photo 769eresized_zpsa2rycsnp.jpg

This is the first time Everett’s gone to a park without snow on the ground, so he can actually play on the playground equipment for the very first time. He is thrilled!! He points to everything and laughs and smiles and baby babbles about it all.  photo 779eresized_zpskgeogwnn.jpg photo 782eresized_zpsoqoq42jx.jpg

My kids decide that each playground structure (there are two) is a castle and Payson says this one is his castle and Ember can’t come on. This is not cool for poor Ember.  photo 785eresized_zpse9uhgg3d.jpg photo 789eresized_zpslcz8lrnw.jpg

He could’ve stayed at these raised path things all day.  photo 799eresized_zpsgaewgpcr.jpg photo 802eresized_zpsxtnpsslu.jpg photo 804eresized_zpsywvzvwpl.jpg photo 809eresized_zps2t0nwxav.jpg photo 814eresized_zpsxqn3glzm.jpg photo 817eresized_zpsngfjomp8.jpg photo 827eresized_zpscnhpjh1o.jpg

Before leaving to go pick up Brooke from school we played a game of Mother May I? The kids had a blast and were being adorable until Payson won and took a turn as “mother.” He kept saying no to Ember when she asked to do something and she couldn’t handle it. There were a lot of meltdowns and I told the kids from now on only mom is mother. haha  photo 829eresized_zpsnpjmhdqm.jpg

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