Everett is Learning to Stand!!

Everett has seemed more babyish for longer to me than all of my other kids because of his surgery and casts and being behind physically. He doesn’t walk and he wants to be held all day, he truly seems like a little baby to me still! It surprises me when he learns new things even though at this age (16 months) he’s learning new things all the time!! It’s just so fun and awesome. After having gone through these phases with four other kids it really doesn’t get any less miraculous really. It’s amazing to me when my babies become mobile and learn to talk and understand things… all of it!

So this was one of the very first days he attempted to stand on his own that I tried to take pictures. He could only stand for a couple seconds so I didn’t capture the moment too well but well enough for his scrapbook, I think!
You can’t see his hands in the top two photos but he wasn’t holding my hand in those! So exciting! Standing on his own means he’ll be walking in no time!
These photos were taken March 19th by the way. I’m super behind on blogging obviously!  photo 068eresized_zpsyej7gbvj.jpg photo 075eresized_zps1zjowwcj.jpg

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