Target Shenanigans!

Ember needs size 5T spring/summer clothes and Everett needs size 18 month spring/summer clothes so we hit up Target. Because each brand of clothing is sized completely different I actually have the kids try on all the clothes I pick out. Good thing too, because so many of the clothes fit so much differently than I expected.  photo 452eresized_zpszlau6yr9.jpg photo 465eresized_zpslcwhzjic.jpg photo 483eresized_zpspeucxh69.jpg photo 491eresized_zpsvp71dtpv.jpg

Everett is a beast in stores and was crying and crying. Most of the time I just hold him while I shop but sometimes it’s difficult to hold him while pushing the cart and looking for things and I attempt to sit him in the seat. And he cries. So I hand him food or a sippy or toys and he throws each and every thing. And cries louder at me.
I was walking past the baby toy section and saw these toys with clips on them and had a lightbulb moment… I could CLIP the toys to the cart!! I did and he started playing with them, particularly liking this toy with a bunch of balls that were rattles. He loves all kinds of sports balls and bouncy balls and rattly balls so I wasn’t surprised that he loved that thing.
I stood there smug thinking I’d outsmarted him because he promptly took the ball toy and attempted to throw it but it was stuck! He picked it up and started shaking the ball rattles and I had a moment where I was seriously like, did I just solve my shopping problem!?
But then, about 30 seconds later… he pushes aside the clipped on toys and screams at the top of his lungs. Nope, nothing will make Everett happy in a store besides mommy holding him :/  photo 501eresized_zpstzul9rbh.jpg

We walked past the toy section which meant getting detoured for a good twenty minutes because my kids had to stop and play with each toy on their way.  photo 505eresized_zpslnozpn9k.jpg photo 506eresized_zpsyp8fvbum.jpg

I almost bought one of these things because I loved them so much as a kid and my kids were enthralled with them but I quickly realized there would be nonstop fighting over who got to play with it (because I’d only buy one!) and I made them put them all back.  photo 507eresized_zpsebymdlxm.jpg photo 509eresized_zpsz0txm9gd.jpg

And on the way out they of course begged for more pictures on the giant red Target balls.  photo 518eresized_zps87ojmrtp.jpg photo 522eresized_zpsz5a8koqx.jpg photo 524eresized_zpsqjoh3q04.jpg

It was 70 flipping degrees that day so in the car I’d changed Everett into some of his new clothes. He was adorable in them and I was proud of myself for not giving into my germophobe ways. I 100% of the time won’t let my kids wear new clothes until I wash them. But this time I did! Of course, having said that, if this was an outfit from Wal-Mart I for sure would wash it first and in fact, don’t let my kids try on Wal-Mart clothes in the store either! I know, I’m crazy.  photo 548eresized_zpsfvwc5mie.jpg

These next two were random snaps from later in the day.  photo 606eresized_zpsoijn5ic9.jpg

Everett wearing a different new shirt because he’d made a huge mess during lunch while wearing the other one.  photo 610eresized_zpsox0ockdw.jpg

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