Sicky Seece

In the middle of the night I jolt awake. I sit straight up in my bed and look around me. Allan is sleeping on one side of me and Everett on the other.
What has woken me?
Then I hear a bloody scream from a kid’s bedroom. I don’t know who or why but I jump out of bed and go running. It’s Sierra. She’s sitting up in bed hysterical about a stomach ache. I figure she’s close to throwing up but she says she thinks she’s just hungry because she didn’t really eat her dinner. I get her some crackers and water and go back to my room to check on Everett. Everett is luckily sound alseep and then I hear Sierra throwing up. I hurry back to her room but she’s in the bathroom bent over the toilet. I am so relieved she made it to the toilet so I don’t have to clean up puke in the middle of the night!

Her hair is everywhere so I pull it into a ponytail in between her puking. I feel a bit of moisture as I do and figure she got a drop or two of puke in her hair.
This is all so disgusting and terrible and I hate , hate, hate this part of mothering.
I take her back to her room and tell her that I’ll wash her bedding in the morning (from her sleeping in maybe a drop or two of puke from her hair, I’m not sure) and try to comfort her as she’s pretty upset that she’s sick.

She throws up a couple more times that night. I go in and rub her back while she’s bent over the toilet. And help her wash up afterwards. I take her back to her bed and get her all comfy again and then go back to my bed. Everett is usually a wretched sleeper but luckily that night he sleeps through all of that! I think the last time Sierra throws up I go back to my room and Everett is sitting up waiting for me.

The next morning while Sierra’s in the shower I wash her clothes from the night before and all her bedding. Then I set her up with the iPad and netflix and crackers and toast and gatorade and water, hoping to keep her comfy and entertained while being secluded from the rest of the family. I’m not messing around with germs this time. I can’t CAN’T handle a whole family of pukers this week on the little sleep I’m getting already!

Allan has a dentist appointment that morning and with a numb face, decides to work from home that day. He sets up a chair and little table in the hallway outside of Sierra’s room so they can see each other and talk a bit now and then while she’s quarantined. It’s a perfect setup 🙂  photo 177eresized_zps3cmroxra.jpg photo 180eresized_zpsladkhdci.jpg

It was a challenge setting everything up in order to block the bright window light from the iPad. But in the end we got a good setup with no glare.
 photo 181eresized_zps4reyjhv3.jpg photo 183eresized_zpscypr3zzh.jpg

Any time I have to take care of anything that requires both my arms I come back downstairs or into the room I’d left Everett to this sight:  photo 191eresized_zpsjs07ws5d.jpg

Luckily he gets distracted from his crying by Ember playing in the cupboard. This is one of their favorite things to do! I ended up emptying out that cupboard so they could both fit in there easily! While I make breakfast they play together.  photo 193ecropresized_zpscpltaotb.jpg photo 218eresized_zpsgfgefpdh.jpg photo 223eresized_zpsylq1epqv.jpg

I always put Everett’s servings onto a plate with mine and we share. He’s not great at feeding himself. In fact, he’s my worst at self feeding because he chokes so much! He’ll just shovel in food until he has a full mouth and then choke nearly to death on it. To save him and me the hassle and risk I just end up feeding him bite by bite. I let him self feed on things that are a super low choking risk.  photo 229eresized_zpssal6tja5.jpg

Everett loves peek-a-boo and when he does “Where’s Everett?” it’s the cutest! It’s almost always mostly him putting his hand up to the side of his face! We all giggle and smile at him and say, “Wheeeeere’s Everett?!” And then, “PEEK-A-BOO!” when he moves his hand away from his face and then we all tell him in sing songy, baby voices, “We couldn’t see you! You were hiding, huh? We definitely couldn’t see you at all, Everett!” And since he doesn’t understand what we’re saying, only that it sounds pretty good, he smiles and laughs while we all giggle along at how funny it is that he’s not really hidden at all.  photo 232eresized_zpsuwsvolzo.jpg photo 237eresized_zpspxaulwus.jpg photo 242eresized_zpsbzotjxtu.jpg photo 245eresized_zps8zoisuwf.jpg

Earlier that month or the week before Ember had brought up color mixing, asking me which colors mixed together made this color or that. I decided to have a color mixing day to try it all out. Then Sierra got sick that night before. But it felt mean just skipping our planned color mixing activity. So I told Sierra we’d do it again the next day and went ahead and did the activity with the other three.
 photo 260eresized_zpstnhadyv8.jpg photo 270eresized_zpsr7h2bg47.jpg photo 275eresized_zpsfbkbtyam.jpg photo 279eresized_zpsvyeicjug.jpg photo 290eresized_zpsgk6fsteu.jpg photo 293eresized_zps9hxsaz20.jpg

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