The Park on a Winter Day

It’s warmer than it has been in a while so even though there’s snow on the ground we go to the park.  photo IMG_4264eresized_zps50wasiin.jpg

Lately Payson and Ember fight like cats and dogs but they’re loving this day. Payson even offers to push Ember on the swing and Ember lets him! Siblings getting along is my favorite.  photo IMG_4271eresized_zps17kdyfxi.jpg photo IMG_4273eresized_zpsm8zec9ph.jpg

Everett absolutely loves the swings and would sit in there all day long if I’d let him!  photo IMG_4278eresized_zpsrcljupsy.jpg photo IMG_4291eresized_zpsz4yapnal.jpg photo IMG_4295eresized_zpsncs3fftj.jpg photo IMG_4299eresized_zpszrznmj4t.jpg photo IMG_4302eresized_zpsgqroswn8.jpg photo IMG_4313eresized_zpsvot1smgj.jpg photo IMG_4339eresized_zpsuq9jng8k.jpg photo IMG_4346eresized_zpsxzs5lkup.jpg photo IMG_4349eresized_zpsndw7vfx7.jpg photo IMG_4352eresized_zpsfuitp9ms.jpg photo IMG_4357eresized_zps8uftv6ha.jpg photo IMG_4356eresized_zpsoc4x0mdx.jpg

Allan tirelessly helps the kids at the park. He bounces them on this horse toy and spins them around and around and around on the merry go round and he pushes them in swings and helps them climb the rock wall… the whole time he’s going from one kid to another helping them out and playing with them on the equipment.  photo IMG_4361eresized_zpspn6p3tnu.jpg photo IMG_4369eresized_zpsnaw9g6y1.jpg

Allan convinces me to go on the merry go round with the kids. Ever since my pregnancy with Payson I’ve had a weak stomach for spinning things so I don’t really want to but decide to anyway. I hold Everett on there and Allan doesn’t push us too fast and yet, I’m sick to my stomach afterwards. lol. Being a mom is so fun in so many ways 😛 😉  photo IMG_4372eresized_zps41np6rke.jpg

Later Allan wants me to go on there with the kids again (because our kids love it!) but I tell him to go on with Everett and I’ll push them all. Allan doesn’t get sick from the ride. (None of this is pictured)  photo IMG_4379eresized_zpslv7lawlt.jpg

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