It’s a Cold, Cold Life We Live!

Winter in Colorado Springs is a bit colder than Castle Rock was. But, despite the days where dealing with snow gets old (mostly just driving) it still feels about a million times better than desert living, to me!  photo 091eresized_zpskhhoe9nd.jpg photo 096eresized_zpswjwnjxo0.jpg photo 116eresized_zpsg1tbqwxs.jpg

I gave the kids a bunch of dishes to play with the snow in the backyard and on the back deck with. They’d filled a bowl with snow a few days before this day. The day after filling the bowl with snow the snow had all melted. This meant the bowl was now filled with water. The very next day it snowed (and froze) again and the water in the bowl turned to ice. The kids were really excited by the transformation their snow had gone through!  photo 121eresized_zpsyfxdgtf5.jpg photo 129eresized_zpsyzwzzadp.jpg photo 131eresized_zpsaoujbk2f.jpg

Everett had crawled over to the back door and looked so pitifully sad left inside while I went out to snap a few pictures. I brought him outside to see his siblings for just a minute. I really should’ve bought him a snowsuit this year. I couldn’t find one that fit well so just gave up. Oh well. Next winter I’ll get this kid some great snow clothes so he can have lots of snow fun!  photo 134eresized_zpsbiomre93.jpg photo 140eresized_zps2ekuffdj.jpg

He had zero interest in posing for the camera but he was SO excited to be out there. He was squealing and giggling. By the time I took these just before taking him back in he was busy tasting the cold air. Or something, I don’t know- he was sticking his tongue out outside and stopped doing it when we went back inside!  photo 147eresized_zpsabv8qy7v.jpg

Back in the warm house I let him color to take his mind off of the injustice of being stuck indoors while his siblings played outside.  photo 160eresized_zpsutnkovbv.jpg

He loves coloring but this time he was much more interested in putting the crayons back into the box I’d give him!  photo 164eresized_zpshixo7ea0.jpg

Once the big kids came inside I made them hot chocolate.  photo 188eresized_zpsvbox2cc0.jpg

Payson colored pictures in between sips.  photo 193eresized_zpshn49m8tu.jpg

Then it was nap time for my baby boy. Ember broke my old nursing necklace so I finally ordered two new ones from Amazon. They came in the mail that day and not a second too soon! Everett scratches and claws and cuts the crap out of my chest and face while he drinks. He doesn’t when I wear nursing necklaces thank goodness!  photo 211eresized_zpsldnl5z5f.jpg

I didn’t take any more pictures that day until dinner time. Dinner was salmon with an avocado sauce and some fried potatoes. Everett loved it!  photo 220eresized_zpsbpm914bp.jpg

Lately I just put his food onto a plate with mine because he’s in a throwing phase. He throws his food (plate and all) the second I put it in front of him and laughs heartily about it.  photo 221eresized_zpscfdctmxi.jpg photo 230eresized_zpsdqktxm6i.jpg

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