Welcome to the Hausen House, take 4

This is our fourth house we’ve purchased! It’s really exciting!

Allan took a house hunting trip last week. Before he left we spent hours scouring online for all the available homes in the Coeur d’Alene area that would fit our family. It was tough! There’s a limited amount of inventory out there and we (mostly I) did NOT want to build. I didn’t want to build because that meant living in a temporary rental for 4-6 months! I did NOOOOT want to move again. I’m just about dead from the moves we made in the last 15 months! I told Allan, I truly, truly can’t handle moving more than once in the next 12 months. Building is OUT. If we rented I’d wanted to find a rental that we could live in for at least a full year and preferably longer! BUT, we really just want to settle down so we were looking to buy!

Allan went to Idaho with a list of about 10 houses to look at. Maybe less, I can’t really remember.

Our favorite house from what we saw online was a house on a half acre. Allan stopped at that house very first and immediately we both ruled it out. It had a railroad track behind it and though online we’d seen the track we thought it was below visibility from the house. Not so, it was on a slight incline in real life and completely visible from the house! In fact, it really felt like the train track was in the back yard despite being far from the house thanks to the half acre.
Anyway, it just wouldn’t work.

Allan went to a house next that was on our list but not super high up. He sent me a picture and the second I got it I felt like that was our house! I couldn’t believe it because it hadn’t been up high on my list of favorites (at all!) but here it was in a cellphone photo and I was sold! Instantly!

I told Allan I liked it and he told me he thought it might be the one.

He walked through the whole house and sent me more cell phone photos and we were both, though states away from each other, completely sold on this house!! We were shocked but felt so at peace about it! It was really crazy!! We usually disagree and it takes us forever and a lot of negotiating to pick a house. Not this time!

Allan had all the other houses on our list to go look at and typically I want to see ALL my options (especially because my personal favorite house had yet to be seen by Allan!) but for some reason I didn’t even care about the other houses. It was like I just knew we’d found our house so why bother with the rest?

Allan went to the other houses and sent me pictures and despite them being pretty we were just already attached to the other house! We were sold!

Allan ended up buying that house the next day. I signed all the forms electronically and we paid the deposit. The builder of that house accepted an offer and we got a move in date of April 30th!

Now here’s a crazy part of the story:

The house we bought wasn’t for sale!

There was an ad online for this builder and they used pictures of this model home to sell that floorplan. It even says clear as day on the listing that that house wasn’t for sale but that you could build that floorplan on a different lot.
But remember I said I REALLY didn’t want to build? So… when Allan asked if we could buy that house the guy working there said, “Okay.” And what’s even crazier about that is that at least 10 other people (within the last week before this!) had asked about buying the model home and were told no!! The guy selling the floorplan, though, felt like the house was Allan and mine, like this house in this spot was perfect for us! So Allan went back the next day and there was a lady working there and he told her about his conversation with the other guy and she was like, oh no, no he’s wrong, we’re not selling this house.

But then the other guy was called and the builder owners’ talked to and yes, they would sell it to us, despite it not being for sale!

So yeah, pretty cool! A long story but one I’ll for sure forget so I thought I might as well blog about it. And now for the photos, right! Keep in mind that it’s decorated nicely now and when my family lives there it will look about 90% more crappy with our cheap furniture and messy kids 😉

Oh wait, I’m going to post our other house pictures first. Just for fun.

2005 we moved into our newly built home in Maricopa, Arizona:  photo Maricopa House_zpsg5rvsmuq.jpg

2007 we moved into our newly built home in Spring, Texas:  photo Texas House_zpsgfv7pwmd.jpg

2009 we moved into a brand new, but already built, house in Gold Canyon, Arizona:  photo Gold Canyon House_zpsjdesp0ch.jpg

And in 2015 we will move into a brand new, already built home in Post Falls, Idaho:  photo House01resized_zpsgonthclm.jpg

 photo House01bresized_zpsavda4zgb.jpg

Here is a floorplan:  photo House04resizedlabelled_zpsjsjri2vk.jpg

This is a bonus room upstairs.
 photo House05resizedlabelled_zpsv8d4juaz.jpg photo House02resized_zpsok0efphr.jpg

Okay, let’s go inside!  photo House03resized_zpsp4f76jl4.jpg

What you see when you walk in will be a view down the hall into the living room. On the right you can see into what will be Payson’s room. There’s a bathroom on that side of the hall as well as Brooke’s room. On the left is where the laundry room is.  photo House06resized_zpszcbmnpsr.jpg

The laundry room:  photo House08bresized_zpsnfocj0ef.jpg

The smallest bedroom is Brooke’s but that’s because she likes small rooms AND it has a great view being in the front of the house. Across the street from our house is an open grassy “park” (no playground equipment, just grass and trees) and a huge property someone else owns where they have a few farm animals like sheep and horses.  photo House08resized_zpsexhmte23.jpg

This will be Payson’s room:  photo House07resized_zpsyg836gi6.jpg

Who cares about bedrooms though, let’s go see the kitchen and living room!  photo House09resized_zpsubhtyzg8.jpg

A glance back at the front door. Over on the left are Brooke and Payson’s bedrooms and the right was the laundry room.  photo House10resized_zpsojlpkp1h.jpg

The kitchen and dining area!  photo House11resized_zpsbbd4tsnc.jpg photo House14resized_zpszed0mw2q.jpg photo House13resized_zpsathrzfl7.jpg photo House12resized_zps5y5niicj.jpg photo House16resized_zpsqptkrmgn.jpg

It’s a nice open floorplan.  photo House15resozed_zpsopakx4sa.jpg

I only wish the house would look this nice when we live there. If only I could afford nice furniture…  photo House17resized_zpsendzvtpm.jpg photo House18resized_zpsv1otd9wi.jpg

When you’re standing right outside the door to my and Allan’s room and looking back into the living room:  photo House19resized_zpstyfztdi6.jpg

My and Allan’s room.  photo House20resized_zpsx8m5z9jp.jpg

I hate this bed and bedding, though. haha  photo House21resized_zpsui7vuj6h.jpg

Our bathroom.  photo House22resized_zpsjdoh7qnl.jpg photo House23resized_zps4cvzcsgx.jpg photo House24resized_zpsarc7qfap.jpg

Standing just inside the master bedroom door and looking out you can see this staircase that leads to the bonus room, where Sierra and Ember (and eventually Everett) will sleep.  photo House25resized_zpsiwgxt3y1.jpg

Their room is the biggest. Which is good because three will share a room in here!  photo House26resized_zps2zsjvp93.jpg photo House27resized_zpsr1ngmhbm.jpg
And that’s it for the pictures! I have a bunch of the yard (it’s a good size and really nice, grass already in) but my phone won’t let me email them to myself to put online so some other time I’ll share photos of that!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hausen House, take 4

  • You have always had beautiful homes but this one is my FAVORITE! It's perfect! I was telling Calvin that you guys were going to move to Idaho and he asked “what part of Idaho?”. When I told him he was super jealous 😉 He has apparently been in that area and says that it's just gorgeous. He was actually planning to go to school in Idaho before Peyton happened….not sure which school (Idaho State….?) but their mascot was/is the Vandals. He was going to play football there! Crazy. Anyway, the house is stunning and I'm so excited for you to get to move some place so awesome. 🙂

  • It's beautiful! I love the doors, hardware, floors, cabinets, view and everything! I was totally laughing at the post about Sierra being sick because you described how you woke up so vividly and I can totally relate! Poor Sierra! I hope that the quarantine worked!

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