Wal-Mart for Baby Gates and to a New OB-GYN.

I scheduled an appointment with a new gynecologist to check out my boob. The hole in my nipple has been there for over a week and isn’t healing and I just want it to get looked at! I mean, I don’t want it to get looked at at all but, I just want to make sure I’m not doing everything wrong to care for it.

My appointment isn’t until 2 so before going to that we go to Wal-Mart. Allan has told me that we’re now going to be in Colorado until June so it’s worth it to me to go get some freaking baby gates to put up and keep Everett out of my kitchen. He spends SO much time in the kitchen wreaking havoc!!  photo 010eresized_zps0t0gzqbz.jpg photo 019eresized_zpsarlr21te.jpg photo 021eresized_zpsudkpgr64.jpg photo 024eresized_zpshigg4crw.jpg photo 034eresized_zpsc6l5uq6t.jpg photo 055eresized_zpshwjklewb.jpg

It was then 45 minutes before my appointment. I was supposed to get there 10 minutes early. The doctor’s office is 20 minutes from Wal-Mart. I gave myself 15 minutes to breastfeed Everett in the car before going. I knew he’d want to nurse just because he’d be hungry (thirsty) but also I knew my boob (the injured one) would be super full and I did NOT want to spray the doctor with breastmilk when she was examining me so breastfeeding Everett in the car was a very important step in the day.

Problem was that Everett was on a nursing strike on that side ever since he bit the hole in my nipple. I’d yelped when he did it and then yelped again when he latched back on and bit me again and it had scared him so much he didn’t dare put his mouth on that boob again! Who KNOWS what mom would do!?
To get him to nurse on that side I always have to lay with him in my bed with him on my right side, as if I’m going to nurse him on my right side (the SAFE side!) so it tricks him into pulling into me to latch on. Then as he’s coming towards me to latch on I twist my body to where I’m almost laying on my stomach and my left boob (the hurt one) is now level with his mouth. He latches right on and drinks.

It’s crazy but when I’d stopped nursing him I got SO engorged since my left side produces the most milk! I couldn’t just NOT nurse him. Though I was down to nursing him only twice a day at that point I was still getting super engorged. Engorged enough that when I took off my bra (and nursing pad) I would sit there spraying breastmilk for several minutes straight! I did NOT want that to happen at the doctor’s office during my exam.

SOOOO, Everett would absolutely not breastfeed from my left side in the car. He was terrified, I guess. He just cried and cried.
I ended up driving back to my house and bringing him inside and up to my room and using my laying down trick to get him to drink! This made us later than I wanted to be. Instead of being 10 minutes early like the office wanted me to be since I was a new patient, I was right on time. Ugh.  photo 058eresized_zpsa00qqzwm.jpg photo 063eresized_zpszfe89eb5.jpg photo 066eresized_zpslrpcsn1v.jpg

We got to the doctor’s office pretty easily once Everett had nursed and the nurse took three of my kids into the room across the hall to watch TV while the doctor came in to examine me. She did that because the rooms were kind of small and my kids would’ve been in the way. Brooke stayed in the room with me and held Everett for me!  photo 067eresized_zpsuiio60pd.jpg photo 068eresized_zpsooycjrks.jpg photo 072eresized_zpshz8smwl2.jpg

Going to the doctor ended up being a waste of time. She didn’t tell me anything helpful and she just wrote me a prescription for oral antibiotics. I didn’t want to take antibiotics for a simple flesh woundso I didn’t ever get the prescription filled.

But you know what did help and has helped ever since that day?
Everett is still so difficult. But having one spot that used to be such a cause for aggravation, completely blocked off? A MA ZING.  photo 080eresized_zpsqxx57nvs.jpg photo 086eresized_zpsylsbutia.jpg

And Everett actually loves the baby gates!! He loves standing up against them and walking along them!  photo 092eresized_zpsklmgroct.jpg

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  • You're welcome. I avoided doing it this way for a while because it's so ugly with the moving box there but it's far better than Everett emptying out the garbage multiple times a day (which was one of his very favorite things to do before!)

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