The Day I Went Back to Caffeine

I’ve had enough of the migraines, I’m getting caffeine!
On my way to the store to buy that caffeine I stop at McDonald’s and order a coke. Nothing has ever tasted so good in my life.

Adorably, the kids have got themselves ready to go.  photo 005eresized_zpsoibfd5ft.jpg photo 019eresized_zpshqh6yojb.jpg

But guys, how dare I take those pictures? There’s someone who would like me to stop taking time to do something I love (capture cute moments on camera) and instead hold him all the live long day.  photo 024eresized_zpsqs1b6es3.jpg

And once home:  photo 031eresized_zpsk8olylg1.jpg photo 034eresized_zpscqmtaegl.jpg photo 049eresized_zpsfnf3dtqi.jpg photo 053eresized_zpsbpd289l8.jpg

We did all our homeschool on the living room floor that day. Sierra was so cute reading the directions to Ember while I worked with Payson.  photo 062eresized_zpsappbol1z.jpg photo 063eresized_zpskcfearts.jpg

Later on Ember was doing some of the pages from a book she has that you cut and paste. I think it’s called that actually… Cut and Paste book. I plan on buying another as soon as she’s done with that one because she LOVES it.  photo 068eresized_zps4f3pbq1f.jpg

I put this chair in the doorway of the office in hopes of having like five minutes to sit at the computer to work (look at houses in Idaho actually!) while Everett was trapped with me. It didn’t work.  photo 084eresized_zpsv0ys9p2q.jpg

I brought out a bunch of dishes so Ember and Everett could play with them (new things are always the most fun for toddlers!) and Ember kept bringing me things she’d made (pretend made) to try out.  photo 101eresized_zpstz65e54m.jpg

We spent a lot of time making stop motion movies on a movie maker app on the iPad.  photo 117eresized_zpspvyiljqn.jpg

All the kids made movies using toys. Brooke thought it would be hilarious to make a movie of her hand.  photo 119eresized_zpssqi82fo4.jpg photo 127eresized_zpsue61yfen.jpg photo 143eresized_zpssczfjrqm.jpg

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