Going to Wal-Mart and Playing in the Snow!

I needed to buy diapers since I packed Everett’s cloth thinking we’d be moving soon. Turns out we’re staying in Colorado until April. Right now I’m trying to decided if I want to unpack his diapers or just be lazy and do disposables. Right now disposables are winning.  photo 024eresized_zpsliybmyuv.jpg

He was being so cute in the cart. After pulling his hat off he sat there cuddling with it!  photo 023e2resized_zpshk5ye93o.jpg

I got each of the kids a box of chocolates since they were 50% off. I wanted to get them each a treat for Valentine’s but was purposefully waiting until they were on sale.  photo 033eresized_zpsjkejioxt.jpg photo 039eresized_zpskky5vvp4.jpg photo 041eresized_zps4cb9twne.jpg

It was freezing that day!  photo 051eresized_zpsy85aoefi.jpg

We’d gone to the store first thing that morning. The kids had brought granola bars to hold them over (I think we were like out of milk, cereal, eggs, and practically everything that day!) but when I got home I made a real breakfast for everyone. Everett was happy!  photo 059eresized_zps2v2xpycn.jpg

He shares his food.  photo 066eresized_zpsylavqtny.jpg photo 067eresized_zpsqkh8vp3r.jpg

Then we bundled back up and went outside to play.  photo 075eresized_zpsyrzniiua.jpg photo 077eresized_zpszrvjkmms.jpg photo 091eresized_zpsuuxzvsis.jpg photo 110eresized_zps2o5krf6j.jpg photo 120eresized_zpsdkcexrqe.jpg photo 128eresized_zpsaghqi3wa.jpg photo 139eresized_zpsozipaexe.jpg photo 148eresized_zps9sha7qak.jpg photo 160eresized_zpsnkgnwdk4.jpg photo 178eresized_zpsz04yynvr.jpg

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