Everett, Everett, Everett

My little boy is an intense workload. He’s one of those toddlers. The ones who get into everything constantly, cry and scream a lot, don’t sleep well at night, try to do things they physically can’t yet- risking their life in the process.
The difficult ones.

Luckily he is SO adorable! He’s such a funny kid and really loves his family so much… that makes everything slightly less torturous. Slightly 😉

I’ve tried a lot of organic macaroni and cheese over the years and all of them were terrible! I found this brand that wasn’t terrible and wanted to take a picture to remember it if I was ever buying it again! Everett saw me pull the box out of the recycling bin and ended up taking it out of my hand and putting it back in the recycling!  photo 008eresized_zpsmy6n6tih.jpg

Oh, here mom, let me take that!  photo 010eresized_zps1i552zlp.jpg

I know just where this goes!  photo 015eresized_zpswne72nfs.jpg

Yep, I’m super helpful, putting this right back in here!  photo 018eresized_zpsyxcq1brj.jpg

Because Everett likes to destroy as much as he likes to play I set up his toys in our now empty bookshelf. He loves pulling them all out of there and throwing them on the floor.  photo 021eresized_zpslidpojvd.jpg photo 039eresized_zpsf6ituc7v.jpg photo 041eresized_zps3zmwfrqt.jpg photo 049eresized_zps3qe0isnn.jpg

I bought this short activity table right after we moved back to Colorado from Nevada… turns out to be one of the best purchases because he loves this thing!  photo 082eresized_zpsu95widlc.jpg photo 094eresized_zpseuxljezb.jpg photo 099eresized_zpse00hydfq.jpg

I hold this kid a lot.  photo 137eresized_zpsrbthjyi7.jpg

And I spend more time with him on the stairs. He’s mastered climbing down the stairs now though he will still randomly fall pretty much every single time he plays on the stairs so I have to be near him the whole time.  photo 139eresized_zpsc8zjnuqi.jpg photo 149eresized_zpspjnqrzf3.jpg photo 195eresized_zpscsywou7t.jpg photo 204eresized_zpskfeydzew.jpg photo 207eresized_zpscig0vw4m.jpg photo 215eresized_zpsqfzwgvrb.jpg photo 218eresized_zpsu0nf1lca.jpg

Everett’s 12th tooth is coming in this week. I’m hoping that having got that many in the last few months he’ll get a break and not have any new teeth pop up. I’m sick to DEATH of never sleeping. I can tell his teeth hurt, he plays with his teeth a lot with his tongue and bites and chomps and stuff. PLEASE, no more teeth for a while!! (Buuuuut, how cute are those gapped teeth?! They kill me. So cute!)  photo 303eresizedc_zpswatnrcdo.jpg

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  • Wow 12 teeth! You poor thing. Asher just got his 8th. Everett sounds a lot like Carter at that age. No sleep, crying and being held ALL the time, teething like crazy (Carter had all his baby teeth by 15 months) and we called him the Tazmainin devil because he left destruction in his wake. Hang in there!!!

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