Allan’s in Idaho, We Go to King Sooper’s, I’m Miserable

This was during the peak of my boob pain. I was developing mastitis (sore, hot boob, red streaks, fever) and felt like just… CRAP. Like, so awful. Very sick, I guess.
I also stupidly decided that I drink too much caffeine and since I was getting an infection I’d stop drinking that and drown myself in water instead.
So I had a boob infection and severe caffeine withdrawal. I’ve had a 30+ year addiction to caffeine. I can’t even imagine functioning as a normal human being without it. After 48 hours I took myself straight to the store and bought a ridiculous amount of pepsi and vowed to never ever EVER stop caffeine ever again!!! That was the WORST feeling ever, the caffeine withdrawal. Just remembering it makes me want to die.

But honestly… I probably will permanently give up caffeine some day. I go for months to years without it from time to time but since I haven’t (literally) had a full 8 hours of sleep for 4 1/2 years straight, I am just letting myself live on caffeine. I need artificial energy since there’s no way on this earth I’m getting any sleep any time soon thanks to Mr. Everett Easton Hausen, non sleeper.

So yeah, this was day one off caffeine and Allan was gone and I was suffering with mastitis and the hole in my nipple hurt SO much that day (it seemed infected) and I HAD to go shopping because we were out of food, AGAIN. We always were running out of food because I thought we were moving a week from that day so I couldn’t stock up on food!  photo 324eresized_zpst9gjjno3.jpg photo 327eresozed_zpsfhk5ymqs.jpg photo 328eresized_zpsbf9dgs7z.jpg photo 331eresized_zpshuo39u5f.jpg photo 343eresized_zpss7l1gdql.jpg photo 351eresized_zpsfox8cyfm.jpg photo 355eresized_zpsnrhhmtpo.jpg

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