Allan Teaches Sierra How to do Dishes!

We don’t really have plans of making the kids do dishes but Sierra wanted to try. Since we had some easy peasy baking sheets to wash, Allan let her. She loved it! I could tell she felt really grown up. And she loved extra time with Allan even if it was doing a chore!  photo 113eeresized_zpstn3djmqb.jpg photo 116eresized_zpsavnlmghg.jpg

Later on I heard Everett giggling like mad at Sierra. She was cracking him up. I watched for a while, laughing myself and probably smiling like an idiot, before running for my camera. By the time I got back the laughter was finally dying down, but not dead! The picture isn’t the best but the memory was special. Sierra and Everett have a really close relationship and I love watching them together 🙂  photo 128eresized_zps5fb1bdtj.jpg

Everett’s usual breakfasts are eggs, potatoes, and fruit or oatmeal with fruit added. He loves food!  photo 136eresized_zpsuox5lood.jpg photo 140eresized_zpswgtearxq.jpg

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