We Were So Hungry and Completely Out of Food!

I grudgingly went to Sprouts. I love Sprouts. I love their food, I love the atmosphere, I like the prices.
I don’t like the 20 minute drive.

But once a month or so I go there and we stock up on our favorite “healthy treats.”  photo 005eresized_zpszmmsxsxw.jpg

This particular trip was to get iodine. Jenna told me it helps with breast infections so I tried it out. I think it helped (my developing mastitis went away) but I also think maybe it jacked up my body, too! I had some weird symptoms the day after I overdosed on iodine. (I took a half dropper full three times a day for two days in a row)
I think next time I’ll just go ahead and get antibiotics. Though I hate those, too! Being sick and treating sickness is my least favorite thing.

I breastfed Everett in the car before driving home. He was cranky that day!  photo 010bwresized_zpsiccbqeob.jpg

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