Valentine’s Evening

We got home from Target and hung up all the Valentine’s cards the kids had made. We put the roses Allan got me on the table and we had a nice dinner together.  photo 070eresized_zpsdiko6luh.jpg photo 072eresized_zpstpkj3qdj.jpg photo 077eresized_zpsoctgagr1.jpg

There was a beautiful sunset out that evening and the weather wasn’t too cold. It was a perfect environment for a cozy Valentine’s 🙂  photo 079eresized_zpsg6rfmqhs.jpg

Normally I make my kids wait to wear their new clothes until after I wash them but Sierra was so dang excited about those overalls from Target I went ahead and let her wear them. She’s wanted to wear that outfit every single day since she got those overalls!
 photo 086eresized_zpsrqmra45a.jpg photo 087eresized_zpslh6qlmqi.jpg photo 089eresized_zpslrgcp1cg.jpg

I was either making dinner or washing dishes when I looked over and saw Everett like this. I didn’t think I’d get my camera in time to capture it (figuring he’d be well on his way to his next place to play) but he was still standing there when I came back! So cute.  photo 093eresized_zpsw1f3dd20.jpg

For dessert that night I made these zucchini brownies. I wouldn’t make them again. They tasted fine the first day but not so much the second. Maybe if you refrigerate them they’d taste better? With frosting. I don’t know. Regular brownies for us from now on!  photo 101eresized_zps5mczvtls.jpg photo 106eresized_zpsn4obfhdd.jpg

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