One Afternoon in the Hausen House

 photo 001eresized_zps8rlgqjgu.jpg
(Payson is obsessed with wanting to be called Link lately!)

 photo 022eresized_zpsrmb9mr4w.jpg

Everett likes to play with straws and chew on them but he can’t figure out how to get any liquid from the cup. He doesn’t like drinking much from any cup, sippy, or bottle. He does love to play with cups, sippies, and bottles though!  photo 027eresized_zpsne0xklpd.jpg

We play a lot of hangman around here!  photo 034eresized_zpsfyy8dadb.jpg photo 049eeresized_zpssi99ocyj.jpg

Ember wanted a turn. I took her into the other room so she could whisper to me what she wanted to write. The second we were out of earshot she excitedly whispered, “LOVE!” I thought that was the sweetest thing! When we went back to the board I drew everything out but she did the rest on her own! She’s so stinking cute!  photo 055eresized_zpsvmjexlm5.jpg

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