On a Sunday

I made these egg rolls for dinner. We did NOT like all the ginger! If I make them again I’ll cut back on the ginger. I also made this sweet and sour sauce and we did NOT like the Sriracha! I made another batch the next day to eat the leftover egg rolls with and left out the Sriracha and it was much better!  photo 208eresized_zps8kopufll.jpg photo 210eresized_zps3ixzptnx.jpg(Those pictures were from Saturday night actually)

At breakfast Ember had her little princess dolls and Sierra had her princess pets and these three were all sharing and playing together. It was so fun to watch them with those toys ♥  photo 217eresized_zpsob0nsohb.jpg photo 217eresized_zpsob0nsohb.jpg

Ember was staying away from the kitchen because she hated the smell of the vinegar in the sweet and sour sauce I was making. Allan went up the stairs to cuddle with her and sympathize with her over the horrible smell from the kitchen.  photo 002eresized_zpsy2j8punj.jpg

Eventually the smell went away (once the sauce is all together and cooking the odor of the vinegar dies down!) and Ember was willing to come in the kitchen again!  photo 006eresized_zpsmjt6vrs2.jpg photo 009eresized_zpsvosvi2zx.jpg

Allan put new batteries in Payson’s remote control car.
 photo 010eresized_zpszm4ljcar.jpg photo 018eresized_zpsgirlqiho.jpg

Everett’s getting much braver with that car!! At Christmas and for a good month after he’d cry hysterically if he saw it in the same room with him… even if it was off! Then one day he crawled over to it while it was just sitting there, not in use. He timidly tapped it with a finger. Then he grabbed it. Let go. Then slowly touched it again. Then grabbed it. And ever since I can visibly see his determination to fight his fears with that car. He started being okay with it even when it was on and making SCARY noises (haha)… he’d do this forced laugh and look from family member to family member, searching for confident faces and support. Then he’d force a laugh again and then over time, and days and weeks of exposure, he started having real confidence, realizing the car wasn’t going to hurt him and now he can be in the same room as the car and a sibling can drive the car near him and he’s just fine. He doesn’t like when the car drives right next to him but he doesn’t cry or anything anymore! It’s been fun watching his transformation!  photo 028eresized_zpssozvaf6u.jpg

The kids were drawing Plants vs. Zombies pictures.  photo 032eresized_zps1wbyhvsj.jpg

Ember’s drawing:  photo 039eresized_zpsunxzurqy.jpg

They also drew monster faces and cut them out and made paper strips to wrap around their heads to wear them as masks.  photo 053eresized_zpswor0pvo5.jpg photo 055eresized_zpsyf3t8s1p.jpg

At one point in the evening Payson and Ember ran into each other while playing. (Those animal things are ice packs)  photo 062eresized_zps127pneis.jpg

Most of the time Everett hears a sibling cry he starts crying as well. But with the ice packs on the kids he found their situation hilarious.  photo 068bwresized_zps5zldoqzj.jpg photo 069eresized_zpskcm8mvgb.jpg

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