Another Night Another Dinner

Everett makes cooking really difficult. He wants me to hold him and trying to cook while holding a baby sucks. I put him in the ergo sometimes and sometimes he’s okay with it. I put him in his high chair with food or crayons and sometimes he’s okay with it. All for about five minutes. So if I can cook a dinner for 7 in five minutes I’d be set. Dinner typically takes 30-60 minutes though.

Anyway, I don’t really want to complain because it’s hardly something to complain about, right? Except when I’m trying to get something done and I hear him screaming my entire body tenses up and I am starting to feel like I’m having anxiety attacks. I might have a nervous breakdown soon.  photo 098eresized_zpsfgjlahum.jpg

At least he likes every dinner I make! Thank freaking goodness he isn’t one bit picky! He even eats off spoons and forks now, guys!  photo 112eresized_zpsghrrurvn.jpg photo 122eresized_zpsvedaihqo.jpg

I made these Sweet Potato Burritos after pinning them to pinterest eight or nine months ago. I’d heard really good things about them but was nervous my family would hate them. They sound pretty weird! But, guess what! My family loved them!!
Normally I keep gluten free tortillas or flat bread on hand for days when our main meal uses gluten but our health food store is now 20 minutes away and I haven’t had a chance to drive out there and get that stuff. So I give Payson whatever gluten-free parts of the meal I have and I add rice crackers, rice, or potatoes on the side of his. Luckily he has never been even slightly picky and loves everything I offer him. Rice crackers (the kind in a huge bag at Costco) are just about his favorite thing and he likes practically anything I top them with!
Everett is taking after Payson in the stomach department and seems to have a huge intolerance for gluten. I don’t know if he has an allergy and I’m pretty sure there’s something else (or maybe several more things) that he’s intolerant to. I need to start the elimination diet with him but with our move so soon I don’t have the time to devote to keeping track just yet. For now I try to feed him the things I know he’s not reacted to before!  photo 128eresized_zpsncyijt0l.jpg photo 131eresized_zpsnekvzaf5.jpg

After dinner the kids told us they had a talent show prepared for us. I filmed it. It was really cute.  photo 141bwresized_zpshyf7kbpv.jpg

We ended up staying in the basement for like an hour playing around.  photo 149bwresized_zpsddzd2hpv.jpg

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