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Everett happily showing his Applegate turkey to the other kids.  photo 053bwresized_zps39frzcne.jpg photo 061eresized_zpsd40eyfi5.jpg

Allan called to talk to me, he’s been calling me a LOT this week (he got a job in Idaho and we’re moving soon and have a lot to figure out in the next 10 days before our move!) but I needed to go really quick to either change a diaper or maybe finish up something lunch related (I can’t remember) so I handed the phone to Sierra for a minute.  photo 062eresized_zpsjq6qi7c9.jpg

After lunch my kids were still complaining about being hungry (like always) so they had one of their favorite things in the world- olives. The bowl full was gone in less than a minute! Payson’s also snacking on dried seaweed which is one of his favorite things.  photo 068eresized_zpswjsvhdjn.jpg

Brooke is really struggling with some math concepts she learned in school this year. She really needed one on one time learning certain concepts and in a public school situation that’s not possible… I’ve tried helping her out as we go along in her workbook but it was obvious to me that she was missing a lot of crucial basic concepts. She couldn’t possibly go on in her work without having a firm foundation.
So I found this Math Tutoring DVD program online and after watching a couple of the sample lessons, bought it! And I’m so glad I did because it has been a game changer!! Brooke loves the lessons and is finally, finally getting those math concepts that she was struggling with! The entire 5th grade tutoring program was around $55, so it was a good deal! I love this purchase so much. 5 star review from me and Brooke!  photo 071eresized_zpsb7g1k3ab.jpg photo 074eresized_zpsry3dv8bz.jpg

She does pretty well with fractions, she only struggled a bit, so she flew through five of the fraction lessons in one day! You don’t have to do five in one day, clearly, but she was excited to know so much of what he was teaching and then also finally understand clearly the concepts she had been struggling with! photo 078eresized_zpseed8ig39.jpg

I came back into the kitchen to work with the other kids and found Sierra holding Everett while working. So cute!  photo 081eresized_zpsivjt70fu.jpg

They were both sticking out their tongues!  photo 084eresized_zpscshb6o6p.jpg photo 088eresized_zpsz4ebc1xs.jpg

3 thoughts on “Homeschool!

  • You guys are moving, wow! I'm excited for you! Will Allan be home more, I think you mentioned that before. I can't wait to read all about it. 🙂 You've lived in so many states, a part of me would love that! Are you excited for the move, or maybe dreading the work that accompanies it?

    Good to know on the math program, thank you for sharing!

  • Hey, girl! I just stumbled on your stuff again. I'm not online nearly as much these days as I used to be. Last time I think I was around here you were just talking about moving to Colorado. How long have you been there now? When did you start homeschooling again?

  • Hey Tammy!
    We moved to Colorado at the very end of December 2013. So a little bit over a year ago.
    I started homeschooling Sierra and Payson at the beginning of this last school year, they never started public school this year. Brooke started public school but I took her out in October because it wasn't going well.
    I plan on sending Brooke and Sierra to public school next year since we'll have moved (into a better school district) by then.

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