Here are some pictures from a week ago. Everett playing with pots and pans while I made dinner.  photo 003bwresized_zps5hia2zkl.jpg photo 015eresized_zpsbbxpajsf.jpg

I made this Southwestern Egg Rolls With Avocado Ranch Dip recipe and it turned out really yummy. It’ll be a repeat dinner for sure.  photo 020eresized_zpsrzhdhlln.jpg

Everett thought it’d be better if I cooked while holding him.  photo 025e2resized_zpsdxsovsrg.jpg

The finished product didn’t look pretty but it tasted great! My kids usually don’t like avocado and I wish they did, but the avocado in the ranch sauce was delicious to them so they actually ate avocado!!  photo 040eresized_zpspzbjwvuk.jpg

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