Art By Payson

Payson draws a lot. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. One of my very favorite parts of having children is seeing their drawings.  photo 446e2resized_zpszlzwgcuu.jpg

This is a scene he drew of Plants vs. Zombies 2.  photo 449eresized_zpsdlu8zdbc.jpg

Here are little notes he wrote to all of his family members. Allan’s is on the left and is a drawing of mountains since Allan loves hiking. Mine is next and is a variety of hearts and also has mountains and a lake because I like fishing and hiking, too! The little note on the right is for Brooke and is a zebra because that’s currently her favorite animal.  photo 453eresized_zpsrdq2fuay.jpg

Here are the notes he drew for Sierra and Ember. Sierra’s is a horse since Sierra’s obsessed with them and Ember’s is a little love note.  photo 455eresized_zpsksuzy3bw.jpg

This is a little paper he was practicing farm animals on.  photo 456eresized_zpshez9d5xe.jpg

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