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I was going to braid Ember’s hair. I have her lay down on my bed if I’m braiding the very front of her hair because if she’s sitting down she wiggles too much.
 photo 154eresized_zpsznobh1ji.jpg

I got up to get an extra hair tie and Everett quickly crawled over to get a turn styling Ember’s hair.  photo 161eresized_zps4hilsqqv.jpg

The braid didn’t turn out because even laying on my bed she was still wiggly.
She was in a silly mood!  photo 195eresized_zpsvooyrsaw.jpg

Ignore my missing bedskirt… that’s a whole other story.
Just look at my adorable kids instead!  photo 200eresized_zpsdtt6wqpn.jpg

I made this little “toy” for Everett in a desperate moment when he was crying. I grabbed a rubber band off Allan’s bathroom counter and took the lid off a jar of coconut oil from mine and voila, one of his favorite things now.  photo 216eresized_zps4rv6uv8s.jpg photo 218eresized_zpslvftt8br.jpg photo 230eresized_zpsp1w9p8zd.jpg

Do not be fooled by the cuteness, Ember kept stealing his toys and Everett would scream!  photo 251eresized_zpspjbbcxsr.jpg

Oh my gosh they are so flipping cute!  photo 264eresized_zpsc620x7c4.jpg

Ember found Everett’s toy ball and they had a blast throwing it back and forth to each other. Everett would hug the ball really tight every time he caught it, before throwing it back to Ember with a squeal and giggle. photo 287eresized_zpsfpmnglmd.jpg

Everett spotted something he wanted in Allan’s closet and went in to get it. While he was in there Ember hid. When he came out Ember called from her hiding spot, “Everett, where is Ember, where is Emberrrr?” She always says ‘Where is Ember?’ twice and he smiled and went looking for her.  photo 314eresized_zpsd86oamxo.jpg photo 318eresized_zpstymevnmy.jpg

I had given the iPod to Ember to show Everett baby songs and books while I spent a couple minutes putting on mascara. When I was done I hung out with them for a few minutes before gathering the energy and courage needed to take five kids grocery shopping.  photo 342eresized_zpsdlrmjuza.jpg

Everett loves playing with my camera. Sometimes I lay it on the ground and he pushes the shutter and laughs each and every time he hears the click of the picture being taken.  photo 352eresized_zpsynhrvmzi.jpg photo 367eresized_zpsohrjwvvu.jpg

I caught a picture of his fake cry.  photo 387eresized_zpsg1e8r5is.jpg

Have I mentioned how super cuddly he is, though! He might be a cranky bum most of the day but he’s also a super lovey dovey baby which makes everything better!  photo 393eresized_zpsjxifkrt9.jpg photo 395eresized_zpse31emuv9.jpg

And then he busily went about moving my hair out of the way to pull my shirt down while saying, “Na na, na na, na na, na na.” over and over again until I breastfed him. lol  photo 405eresized_zpsgcfokjt3.jpg

After breastfeeding he practiced his standing. photo 415eresized_zpsrzxbjo5j.jpg

And then it was time to brave the store! I told the kids to get ready to go. Brooke will literally try to wear her pajamas to the store any time we go. I’m sick to death of fighting with her over inappropriate clothing for outings :/  photo 472eresized_zpsioylijtt.jpg photo 479eresized_zpskvx3l1o4.jpg

This day Sierra, too, attempted to wear pajamas to the store. What is up with my kids and stupid pajamas. I feel like never buying them another pajama set again. Just regular clothes. Then they will always look okay to go to a store or school or library or wherever and I wouldn’t have to listen to them whine and complain about having to change into regular clothes.  photo 488eresized_zpspnwcmgko.jpg photo 481eresized_zpsymq9wzpk.jpg photo 484bwresized_zpsuvc2fi3q.jpg

It was still morning at this time… once home from the store we jumped into school.  photo 423eresized_zps7ow5bfsf.jpg

My kids don’t do well at doing their work when they’re all together. I’ve been separating the big kids from the little kids. And actually most days I do Brooke’s school time while all of the other kids do something else in a different room because Brooke can’t focus with them even in the same room.  photo 425eresized_zpsx09rcgwe.jpg photo 433eresized_zps2is0ubrk.jpg photo 437eresized_zpsgsys6bxg.jpg photo 438eresized_zps7czscavx.jpg

One thought on “This Day

  • How you do all you do in a mystery to me! Do you find it hard to homeschool different personalities? We've kicked around the idea before, and one of my concerns is one child becoming more dramatic and not working as hard to figure things out because that child would just want me to do it for them. I suppose you learn as you go, as to what works and motivates and what doesn't. Your energy level must be off the charts!

    I remember (years?) awhile ago you were talking about S and her toe walking. How is that going, or maybe it's not an issue anymore. And Mr. E's teeth – wowzers! He's been working hard! šŸ™‚

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