Attempting to Blog

Everett hasn’t napped all week.

He also is up all night.

If you have a baby you know what that means.

I’m about to lose my ever loving mind 😉

If I ever attempt to use the computer Everett is right there with me. He doesn’t want to be away from me for any amount of time. He wants to be held most of the day. I found out that if I have a paper and pen for him at my desk he’ll happily draw for five minutes or so. I can attempt a short blog post in that time!  photo IMG_9876eresized_zpsrfyxkwp6.jpg photo IMG_9881eresized_zps0e8ovvww.jpg

After having a child who struggles with his pencil grip, the blessing of a child holding a pencil in the proper way is not lost on me. (Payson to this day holds his writing utensils with a fist unless he’s using his Penagain Twist N’ Write pencils or his Writing C.L.A.W by The Pencil Grip.)  photo IMG_9886eresized_zpsspllwvof.jpg

Everett’s right hand is the one he uses the most lately and is the one his fingers are most curved on.  photo IMG_9896eresized_zpsf1nhnjhp.jpg

I just loved that he picked up this pencil grip all on his own. All my kids have developed their own pencil grip and the weirdest thing is Payson’s handwriting has always been pretty good even though he writes with a weird grip.  photo IMG_9899eresized_zpsl1barxqj.jpg photo IMG_9900eresized_zpsrmyxlbjn.jpg photo IMG_9903eresized_zpszlfzoet7.jpg photo IMG_9907eresized_zpsk65grbte.jpg photo IMG_9917eresized_zpsyxtxwdag.jpg

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