Everett Playing

Everett likes this car ramp I got at Goodwill when Ember was a toddler.  photo 010eresized_zpszsobmh7t.jpg photo 011eresized_zpsu5i8miym.jpg

He was teething and biting on everything.  photo 018eresized_zpswmevcx4d.jpg photo 023eresized_zpsgtvtsfft.jpg photo 025eresized_zpsbcpy1e29.jpg photo 034eresized_zpsdufzyl9u.jpg

Fingers.  photo 042eresized_zpselivtuv7.jpg photo 050eresized_zpsonrlistc.jpg

After this he crawled into the kitchen and living room and the rest of the day was a blur of trying to undo his destruction around the rest of my house. Along with holding him for hours and hours on end. haha photo 058eresized_zpsllhn3ezi.jpg

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