He’s the easiest to photograph. I can spot him doing something and come over with the camera and he smiles and laughs. The other kids don’t really want a lot of their play/color time interrupted by a camera so, there are mostly photos of Everett these days!  photo 067eresized_zpsqb8jjm1z.jpg

I spotted Everett with this blank book and a crayon. He’d helped himself to our art box and just seeing him sitting there coloring after getting the stuff for himself was too cute to not get my camera to capture!
And he was sticking his tongue out while coloring which made everything even cuter! When he gets a new tooth he constantly has his tongue out and runs his tongue alone his new tooth. It’s so freaking cute!  photo 069bwresized_zpsjmio3ory.jpg photo 077eresized_zps1sro1a5b.jpg photo 080eresized_zpsqnfdlt2u.jpg photo 087eresized_zps73k4vyjv.jpg

Later that night I took some pictures of the tongue thing. New teeth are fun!  photo 097eresized_zpsi2looov0.jpg photo 096eresized_zpsveu57lag.jpg photo 104eresized_zpsnqoasomh.jpg photo 109eresized_zpshq6soona.jpg photo 107eresized_zpsiirlbowa.jpg

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