That one day when I only took 5 pictures!

Grocery shopping with five children is one of my least favorite things to do as a mom.  photo 255eresized_zpskvjuxu2m.jpg photo 264eresized_zpsreixkdqh.jpg

My friend Jordan measured her kids recently and then asked what my kids’ heights are so I finally got around to measuring them.  photo 293eresized_zpsijorwoxu.jpg

The kids were asking how their heights compared to each other so I wrote that down… that’s what those little stick drawings are on the right side of the board. photo 298eresized_zpsgzqldm0d.jpg

I read the kids a lot of books. I took this picture before sitting down with them because it was cute when I walked up to see a gap on the couch where they were making space for me to sit with them πŸ™‚  photo 304eresized_zpsebnodu9k.jpg

4 thoughts on “That one day when I only took 5 pictures!

  • yay! I'm glad you posted the kids' measurements. πŸ™‚ Sierra and Emmy are pretty close, as are Hudson and Payson…but Peyton is like a foot taller than Brooklyn. She's just so uncommonly huge! People are constantly commenting on her height. Poor kid πŸ˜‰

  • I love the heights! My girls are shorties and my son is tall! Natalie is 11.5 years and only 56″. Erica is 9 years and only 50″. Leah is almost 5 and only 40″. Graham, however, is 6 and already 48″ Isn't it crazy!?!?

  • She loves it…she seriously just beams every time someone comments on her height. I actually just had her at the Dr on Friday because she had a super red/sore throat (I had to take all four kids….ugh!) and a nurse who we've known since Peyton was a tiny baby saw us all walking together down the hall. She did, like, a quadruple take and said “Oh my God! Is that Peyton?! If you weren't walking with her I'd have NEVER known who she was. She is SO TALL!!!” They measured her in at 5' 6″ at the Dr's office that afternoon!!!

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