Lunch – Simple Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches!

This is something I make often for lunch. Once in a while when I haven’t gone grocery shopping and we’re low on food I make it for dinner!

It’s just:
-roast beef deli or lunch meat
-peppers and onions sauteed in a bit of butter
-swiss cheese, or white velveeta cheese, or provolone, or really whatever cheese sounds good to you!

I cook a big batch of onions and peppers at the beginning of the week.
To assemble these at lunch time I toast a roll in a pan with a little butter for a minute, I heat up the onion/pepper mixture and the lunch meat and cheese in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, and then I pile everything together.
So easy and so yummy!  photo 235eresized_zpsrfvct6mn.jpg

8 thoughts on “Lunch – Simple Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches!

  • I'll have to look into gluten free rolls. I usually give Payson the meat and cheese rolled up and then either rice crackers or regular rice on the side but I know he'd love eating it like the rest of us do!

  • Thank you for sharing! Do you buy organic or grass fed beef usually, or not for lunch meat? I think you've mentioned it before, I'm trying to remember!

  • I do try to buy that way, Sarah. We spend a fortune on food and it never seems good enough. Practically every brand of everything I try seems to disappoint me when I research it when I get home. My favorites for meat that are available to me are Applegate and Simple Truth Organic.
    There are times where the best I can do (because of location) is Hormel natural meats and from what I've read they're actually not even natural and Hormel has been attacked for inhumane pig treatment which offends me because clearly they had a farm somewhere (in Iowa I believe) that they didn't bother peeking in to see how things were going and they were going terribly! Humane animal treatment is the most important to me, though we eat fast food a few times a month and I know the meats used there are far from decent. I could do much better. It's difficult in a world filled with bad food choices. Either spend all your money on the best foods or compromise your morals (with meat, I don't want to cry when I buy conventional produce! haha) and save money.

  • We live so far away from a store where we can buy organic fruit (over 2 hours round trip) so I can't easily access that. And it drives me nuts! But we are getting more veggies in our area, so I'm hopeful. I hear you, that whole “natural” labeling means little to nothing to me anymore. It's hard, I finally sourced grass fed beef (which I've read is better than organic – still haven't read enough to decide) and Wal-Mart has started stocking grass fed butter. I figure if we fit it in where we can, it's better than nothing, right? But it is so hard to know what the best is to buy and then fitting it all into ones budget! Applegate – that's what I was trying to remember! Thank you – I just found some the other day and picked it up.

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