Lounging in the Living Room

Just hanging out doing nothing more than spending time together.  photo 057eresized_zpsg68g3udm.jpg photo 071eresized_zpsior4vvid.jpg photo 080eresized_zpsndx8nxp1.jpg photo 100bwresized_zpsgaqvdpfw.jpg

A couple days after Everett’s cast came off I noticed this little part of his foot that had the first layer of skin rub off. We were all worried about Everett when we first saw it but it’s just because the skin under his cast was more fragile and with his standing and walking it rubbed the first layer of skin off. It looks worse than it is is what I’m trying to say.  photo 109eresized_zpsi0ziqb9x.jpg

Everett likes looking outside.  photo 136eresized_zpsnc9daiwj.jpg photo 143e2resized_zpsyg1qov22.jpg photo 145eresized_zpsdnbnzzax.jpg

I snapped about twenty pictures in a few seconds on my camera’s burst mode and Everett is so dang cute, I’m including most of them.  photo 158eresized_zpsrp2zzpkg.jpg photo 169eresized_zpsoe4dqwsc.jpg

I like just sitting and watching my kids while they play.  photo 178eresized_zpsnghpqxm2.jpg photo 211eresized_zpsnc0bqorg.jpg photo 214e2resized_zps9is87eta.jpg

Ember loves telling secrets these days. Most of the time they’re not secrets at all but silly phrases or words. She cracks up when I do it back to her, too 🙂  photo 227eresized_zpsvofxwlps.jpg photo 230eresized_zpsm9uhykiq.jpg

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