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I don’t know exactly what the kids are supposed to be learning in their grades at school this year for geography but I couldn’t possibly not do a year of USA geography with them! It’s so much fun! I use Beautiful Feet’s Geography Through Literature books as the core and then have found a variety of awesome sites that give free printables to go along with that. We also use Beautiful Feet’s books to dive off of for science! Though we have also done mini units on the human body and the rain forest this year just because my kids especially like those two topics! We’re learning more in depth about blood right now “on the side” just because with it being cold and flu season the inner workings of the body is intriguing my kids!

Back to geography:
We read a chapter or two in our book and then we talk about things we just read, we watch youtube videos, we fill out printables, we answer questions, and then that’s it for geography and science for the day. It’s the girls’ favorite part of their school day! Payson and Ember don’t join us for this because the books we read are way over their head. Their science and geography is totally different than their sisters’. Though they will do some of the printables and learn about things the girls are learning but in an easier way.

This book we just started (from Beautiful Feet) is called Minn of the Mississippi. Here are the printables (all free) we used for the first few chapters:
 photo Minn of the Mississippi_zpspg7zh5fq.jpg1: USA printables
2, 3, and 7: Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs
4: Writing
5 and 6: Kidzone Geography

Some videos that went along with the first couple chapters.

Sources for state facts.
Minnesota State Facts
More Minnesota State Facts

I want to mention, all the sites I linked to above are sites that have great printables and information about all 50 states! So as we go through our geography books I can go to those sites each time we start learning about a new state and print things about that state. I love the internet and the people who willingly share free stuff for the rest of us!  photo 049eresized_zpsikxd1ce2.jpg photo 050eresized_zps6r9xirjw.jpg photo 052bwresized_zpsikpdta1l.jpg

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