How funny to live in a snowy climate after spending more than a decade in hot places! Snow is our daily life now. Snow. I even shovel the driveway! Wha???  photo IMG_8606e2resized_zpslq6zqu26.jpg photo IMG_8619eresized_zpsmyvvynac.jpg photo IMG_8633eresized_zps0u16r8tq.jpg photo IMG_8642eresized_zps8ipoushb.jpg photo IMG_8645eresized_zpsemlj5x0i.jpg photo IMG_8650eresized_zpswms1zozp.jpg photo IMG_8656eresized_zpssc2jtjjz.jpg photo IMG_8664eresized_zpsyd8wf6o1.jpg

Both my boys were inside. Payson didn’t want to go outside and Everett doesn’t have the right snow gear yet. At this point I’m doubting I’ll buy him snow gear at all since it’s already almost February!  photo IMG_8680eresized_zps7uildqxu.jpg photo IMG_8699eresized_zpshap70utt.jpg

2 thoughts on “Snow

  • You really are a super women! I have no idea how you do it!

    I have to ask, because you've lived in a desert and CO, which do you prefer? I know it's totally a personal preference. I've spent a lot of time in CO and love it dearly, but have also spent time in the desert and loved the lack of humidity – I guess CO doesn't really have humidity either. I crave the dramatic change in seasons, but I'm always curious what other like!

  • I loathed the desert and love Colorado! A lot! I like forests and rain, I am fine with snow and cold, and I really love having all four seasons! I don't think I could stay off antidepressants if I was forced to move back to a desert again! Which is really funny because there are people who are the exact opposite. Places with winters of snow or rain or heavy cloud cover make them depressed.

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