I let the kids stay up a little late one night to see Allan. We hardly see him so once in a while a late night and seeing dad is a good thing. We played a quick game of hangman and Payson was adorable up there during his turn!!  photo 418eresized_zpspyanfs43.jpg

The words he’d chosen were midnight creepsters. It’s a game our family plays at night sometimes. We go in our basement and turn off all the lights. One person is “it.” They count to ten and then start crawling around trying to sneak up on the other people in the family. Whoever they grab (and startle!) first is then it. It’s a lot of fun.  photo 422eresized_zpsgxypwccj.jpg

This was the next morning, Payson was learning about dinosaurs.  photo 432eresized_zps1srcccap.jpg

He loves learning about dinosaurs. It’s fun when he learns a particularly cool fact about a dinosaur because he lights up with boyish excitement. He got a huge kick learning about velociraptors! The triceratops was his favorite to build out of our kit, though!  photo 442eresized_zpsmpav0ufl.jpg photo 444eresized_zpsljllhrjm.jpg

The girls learned about dinosaurs, too. They also took a particular interest in velocipraptors! photo 451eresized_zpsnqtimtjc.jpg

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