My Sunshine Babies

This girl!  photo 171eresized_zpszzyikgsz.jpg  photo 219e2resized_zpskceqixpx.jpg

She is like a literal ray of sunshine. She brightens my entire life ā™„  photo 239eresized_zpsyvuqzfxe.jpg

My two babies are growing up. I hate that. I love it, it’s so fun. And I hate it, because they’ll keep growing and growing until they leave me šŸ™  photo 295eresized_zpsgurserix.jpg photo 300bwresized_zpsk7ctwwjh.jpg photo 302eresized_zpsopehumtg.jpg photo 308eresized_zpse0z7lf7c.jpg photo 309eresized_zpscrvifrwj.jpg photo 317eeresized_zpseaqjosfe.jpg

And then there are these two. My oldest and youngest. They look the most alike, have completely different personalities, and love each other a lot!  photo 336eresized_zpsmcyebnjw.jpg

One thought on “My Sunshine Babies

  • Ember's hair is getting SO LONG! I totally understand about the love/hate relationship of babies growing up!!!!

    Lisa D. in FLA

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