6 thoughts on “The Last Few Weeks

  • This is random, but I'm wondering if you'd consider sharing recipes or foods that are gluten free. We are considering eliminating gluten (one of our kiddos seems to be intolerant), and I'm lost!

  • My daughter is gluten free also, so I too would love to see recipes! Love the video, your kids will love seeing this when they get older, I know mine do.
    Kristi (Louisiana)

  • Great video. We are also gluten free and we began homeschooling last fall. Would love some new gluten free recipes. I am trying to stay away from the pre made mixes..

  • We are in the process of eliminating all pre-packaged mixes as well. There are great recipes for alternatives, we make our own taco seasoning, cream of chicken (or mushroom) mixes, just purchased the ingredients to make our own ranch mix. We don't eat a lot of processed foods anyway, but these are super easy to make and have on hand!

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