The Day Before His Cast Comes Off!

I am so excited I really can’t stand it! My baby is going to get his cast off!!

The last pictures of him in a cast!  photo 391eresized_zpse2668b89.jpg

Sitting still is not something Everett does anymore. He is constantly on the go.  photo 331eresized_zps952007b7.jpg

So I sat him down and practically dove back to the place I was sitting to photograph him and snapped a picture as fast as I could…  photo 381eresized_zpsd8f27f0e.jpg

Aaaand, he’s crawling again. But it was so cute because he wanted to crawl over to me and climb into my lap. I adore that baby boy!!  photo 395eresized_zps2fe8e088.jpg

The kids all had turns wearing Allan’s football helmet after that. They love that thing!  photo 409eresized_zpsc9c9ac1c.jpg photo 413eresized_zps6542870f.jpg

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