Homeschooling with five children is absolute chaos. I love my kids, I love homeschooling, I don’t love homeschooling four of them while a baby cries at my feet or whines on my hip. It’s madness, I tell you!

Taking pictures during school time in my house is practically impossible most days. I’m just too busy to grab a camera, most days even for a few seconds. Once in a while I feel bummed about their undocumented school days and snap a few shots. This was one of those days.  photo 469eresized_zpsba6124bd.jpg

Craft/science/mess time for poor Ember has been demoted to bottom of the to do list for months now. I realized how completely sad that was and decided to make it a priority at least four days a week!  photo 473eresized_zpsaeca304e.jpg

The other kids joined in.  photo 488eresized_zps7a833239.jpg

After playing with that simple goop stuff (just cornstarch and water) she got to make a q-tip and glue craft.  photo 493eresized_zps80b5062e.jpg photo 496eresized_zps09fde82d.jpg

I found the perfect disposable glue/paint cups! We buy organic apples from Costco regularly and they come in this plastic packaging that forms little cups to hold each apple. I cut apart the packaging into a bunch of separate little cups. We can use them and toss them out.  photo 504eresized_zps7802f0e6.jpg

The other kids did the craft too. They each made a couple of pictures. photo 506eresized_zps3267163d.jpg photo 508eresized_zps707de94c.jpg photo 512eresized_zps07244e51.jpg

Part of the reason I don’t blog about homeschool much is because the bulk of our schooling isn’t very interesting to photograph. The kids have a lot of books for geography, science, and history that we read together. For the other subjects (mostly math and english) we have a boatload of workbooks! That’s it! So they have an hour or two of workbook work and then an hour of reading and then craft time and that’s our school day!  photo 515eresized_zpsb8d0fce0.jpg

These are Sierra’s workbooks. photo 527eresized_zps8a1c9b69.jpg

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling

  • Wow looks awesome! Just curious, I remember at some point you decided to put the kids in school, obviously now you are homeschooling them, why did you decide to start doing this again? Not sure if you made a post on it earlier, or if its too personal no worries! Just curious because I think its amazing that you are doing this šŸ™‚

  • We decided to only home school Payson at first. He was so far ahead in school he was really bored. There were some other issues but that was the biggest. Sierra's being home schooled mostly just because she desperately wanted to be!
    Brooke's issues are entirely different and not something I'd blog about. She did start the year in public school. We took her out in October after a lot of consideration about how the year was going for her.

    About the hourly home school laws in Colorado, in my district the minimum requirement is 688 hours per year. That would be 4 hours a day if you home school 172 days of the year.

    Considering we don't take summers off when we home school, we're getting way more than the required hours of our school district.
    Not to mention, I only mentioned the actual things I bought to teach the kids what all the public school kids are learning. We spend a lot more time than I've talked about above in educational pursuits that our family is interested in. I don't record those in our school records, though. I'm also not required to keep school records but I do because I like to šŸ™‚

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