On January 6th

Sierra’s actual birthday. We went to McDonald’s to get her a happy meal!  photo 005bwresized_zps2fa4730a.jpg

The people at the table next to us gave us their kids’ happy meal toys since they already had the same ones at home. They handed the toys to Sierra when the other kids were filling their drinks. So Sierra got to keep two extra toys. On her birthday. It was a pretty cool coincidence 🙂  photo 006eresized_zpse788e428.jpg photo 011bwresized_zpsf4c4d41d.jpg photo 025eresized_zpsc8e1b7ec.jpg photo 035bwresized_zps4bcf7909.jpg

Then we went to Wal-Mart for a couple things and we rented a movie for Sierra on the way out. Allan was out of town so that’s about all we did to celebrate her actual birthday. We did her real birthday celebration on Saturday.

Everett was super cranky so I held him through the store. I wanted to take a picture of Sierra with her new puppy she picked out so I passed Everett to Brooke. They were all so cute just standing there.  photo 044bwresized_zpsc566bea9.jpg

 photo 050eresized_zps411bbb8e.jpg photo 056eresized_zps6a379582.jpg
I don’t know why Payson isn’t pictured in these. He was there. Probably just didn’t care to stop having fun to smile for a picture!

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