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I am thinking back over the last few months and wondering if I should’ve photographed our games a bit more. We’ve played dozens and dozens of games. Hundreds, maybe? It’s just about the most fun thing to do with a big family when you’re stuck inside during the coldest winter days. It’s been amazing this year to play games as a family because most of our kids are old enough to actually understand the games! It’s this entirely new phase of life and very fun!

I guess I don’t regret photographing very little of all the game playing because honestly, photographing stuff can be a burden. Not so much so that it ruins an activity because if I’m really honest it takes about five seconds to fully photograph a moment in time!! But, it’s just nice enjoying things and not thinking about doing anything extra 🙂

But this day we played new games that I got on clearance at Wal-Mart after Christmas. I believe these bamboo games were $4 and $7! Pretty good deal!

Ember’s favorite was the connect 4 game. Though she can’t grasp the concept of 4 in a row yet. Or she can but she doesn’t prefer that way of playing. lol. She insists on playing her way which is whoever gets to the top of the game first wins.

Every time one or the other of us blocked each other she’d laugh like crazy. That game really entertains her! lol  photo 085eresized_zps6b4119be.jpg

I love Everett in the background of these!  photo 087eresized_zps950ee9ad.jpg photo 088eresized_zps07c09da2.jpg photo 091eresized_zpsa50ee52b.jpg

I had to put these next three pictures together because they crack me up. Everett was concentrating on coloring when Ember got excited about something and started laughing/screaming really loudly. Everett noticed and then looks up and then smiles and later laughs at Ember. So cute!  photo 099eresized_zpsd37a0701.jpg

After playing a few rounds of Ember’s version of connect 4 I called the older girls over to play checkers. They’ve each played checkers but years ago so they had to get used to it again. I beat both of them pretty severely though I tried to be nice. haha. Then they played each other a few times. It was a fun afternoon.  photo 114eresized_zps0c1ad5e2.jpg photo 117eresized_zpsf2e49488.jpg photo 124eresized_zps8f774f9a.jpg photo 131eresized_zps34818428.jpg

2 thoughts on “Family Games!

  • I love that you photograph the every day stuff with your kids. So awesome. I feel like I have missed so many chances already (my baby is 18 🙂 And what a great deal on those games– they look really nice!

    Lisa D. in FLA

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