Costco to Print a Couple Thousand Pictures

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I went to Costco to print the last 6 months worth of pictures I’ve taken of the kids. That was about 2,000 pictures and a very long wait uploading them on those photo machines.  photo 178eresized_zps37d9f0d9.jpg

My poor kids were bored to death standing in the photo center waiting that long. With the TVs being the closest things to them there wasn’t much they could do or play with. They brought toys, which they did play with, but they were limited to playing on the cart.  photo 188eresized_zps3d4a0607.jpg

Spider-Man posing.  photo 200eresized_zpsa40fb335.jpg

They were showing me their tough faces.  photo 205eresized_zpsac6b04e0.jpg

Ember wanted me to bring my purplish Ergo so we could be matching mommies. I haven’t worn Everett in a few months because I hurt my shoulder really badly and the Ergo was killing it. But I’m glad she suggested that because I probably wouldn’t have tried it but my shoulder is completely healed and it didn’t hurt at all to wear Ev and he liked it for a while!  photo 208eresized_zps53c41728.jpg
I want to point out my nursing necklace hanging out at the bottom of Ember’s Ergo. She started wearing that a week or two ago because she, “Needed to to be a mommy.” and literally hasn’t taken it off since that first day! She even wears it to bed. She’s quite obsessed with being a full grown mommy and it’s just about the cutest thing ever!

Side note, Everett has been literally tearing my flesh off lately while breastfeeding, he grabs and rips at my face and eyeballs and I have little cuts all over from his razor nails… there was one day he was so aggressive (he’s worse about it when he teethes) that I asked Ember to let me use the necklace. She was willing because she’s not a disobedient child by nature but I could tell she was heartbroken to not have it for those five minutes. lol. And also, the necklace worked! Better than when I used to wear it when Ember was a baby! Ember used to play with it and it would help but she’d still also scratch the crap out of my boobs but while I wore it while nursing Everett he didn’t scratch me again! I need to buy another one for myself and just let Ember keep that one. Or maybe buy her a purple one and take back the brownish one.

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