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The last 7 days of my life were chaotic. In the last 7 days: Allan went on a business trip for the week. Everett got four new teeth! I started my period and it was awful. We restarted full homeschool days. And the last day Payson threw up. Luckily it was Payson that got sick (well, not luckily for him, poor guy!) because he is my “best” at throwing up. He got a little in his bed (just enough for me to have to wash his bedding and pjs and him to need a bath but not enough to be too, too gross) and all the rest in the toilet!

Anyway, I’m not going to sugar coat anything- it was a down right horrible week! I guess we all handled it well and I still stayed on top of things so that was good but inside I wasn’t a happy person through most of it. I’m sick to death of my husband traveling, I’m worried about dealing with my new (after child bearing) insane periods, I’m always overwhelmed with stomach viruses, and Everett getting four teeth at once meant he didn’t sleep for oh, about 8 days straight :/

But you know the good part of all of this? It’s over. And tomorrow Everett gets his cast off so just about everything is looking up. *crossing my fingers*

During one of those nights of this last week Ember woke up at 1am to go pee but then couldn’t go back to sleep. Everett was up with teeth pain, too. After trying and failing at getting either of them back to bed I eventually gave up and brought them downstairs and read books to them for an hour. After that we went back upstairs and sometime around 3am they both fell asleep.  photo 045eblurresized_zps76bc2ad3.jpg

I actually have a lot of moments that look just like this. A baby on the boob and a 4 year old squeezed on whatever lap space is left. ha  photo 040eblurresized_zps4a33fc99.jpg

6 thoughts on “2am Reading

  • Poor Payson! I hope he is feeling better.

    My November '14 baby was up every night this week too. I couldn't figure out why. She was cranky, whiney & refusing to sleep past 2am. Our whole family was exhausted. This morning I see a little white poking out her gums next to her other bottom teeth. No idea how a single tooth can cause a baby such misery. It sucks that Everett had 4 come in at once but the positive is that it will hopefully mean that teething will be a shorter period of time for him and not drag on.

    p.s. I'm not envious of you nursing a teething baby! OUCh… You are a rockstar. 🙂

  • Danielle, that is definitely a benefit to getting four teeth at once! What would've been four weeks of crying and not sleeping was just one week!

    I looked at those safari diapers… I might buy one to try out next time I am feeling like I need new covers!

  • Hey Ariana, wow sounds like a crazy week thanks for sharing though I always love reading your posts. Do you homeschool all the kids???

  • How do you do it?!? I really mean that, I am amazed! For me, personally, the worst part would be not having my husband there. You are so strong, even if you were a little grumpy on the inside you got through it! I think I would have been in a corner crying! 🙂 Will Allan have to travel a lot forever, or is this just a phase in the job? Hang in there!

  • Allan will travel a lot forever if he stays with the company he currently works for. Luckily we're planning on moving states and changing jobs this summer so he'll be home more!

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