Taking Sierra to the Movies for Her Birthday!

I’m probably going to have three posts about Sierra’s birthday because we did things on three different days. It’s tradition to take the birthday kid in our family for a happy meal at McDonald’s, and lately it’s become tradition to take them to a movie as well. Then you have the usual presents and cake. We happened to do these things on three different days this year because with a big family and with Allan traveling for business you squeeze in things when you can! haha

Sierra chose to go see Night at the Museum 3. I ended up being the one to take her and I had Brooke, Ember, and Everett with me.
Yes, Everett came. You can imagine how that went. Poorly.

But Sierra loved the movie and all three of the girls were angels and so well behaved it gave me a lot of hope and excitement for the future when all my kids are old enough to not crap their pants or scream and flail and ruin all outings 😉

Oh I totally forgot, Sierra requested Panda Express for lunch that day so we did that before the movie.  photo 011eresized_zps457d4718.jpg

It was cute watching my daughters try to use chopsticks. By the end Brooke did a pretty good job! Ember held a chopstick in each hand and tried that way. Sierra did her best but couldn’t do it and quickly gave up and used a fork. She was far more concerned with eating her delicious food than playing with chopsticks!  photo 014eresized_zps7426904b.jpg photo 017eresized_zpseda6232e.jpg

Everett’s not a picky eater at all so far, he loves meaty, flavorful things a lot so I thought he might like the flavor of the food. I didn’t think it through enough (to consider it might be spicy to him) because when I gave him a taste of this orange chicken he pushed it away and cringed. First food Everett doesn’t like- Panda Express orange chicken.
That’s okay because I’m sure that coating is gluten and I’ve been trying to avoid gluten with Everett. Sadly it seems like it gives him diarrhea. I feel like I’m reliving Payson’s baby days sometimes with how it is taking care of Everett.  photo 019eresized_zps0d0ed6dc.jpg

Everett’s my least picky and Ember’s my most picky! She wouldn’t try anything we ordered. Not one grain of rice, not one lick of noodles, and if you dare put a piece of orange chicken near her she’ll gag.
She is super cute, though. ha  photo 029eresized_zps54f3cf9b.jpg

It has been freezing this week and it started snowing while we were in the restaurant. I was waiting for Ember to climb in the car so I could put Everett in and Sierra took this picture of me.  photo 030eresized_zps42aec74f.jpg

At the theater. The girls were SO excited and I was very nervous about Everett in the theater!  photo 037eresized_zpscf305661.jpg

Payson was with Allan ice fishing this day and it was so strange not having him there! I missed my baby boy, he’s a fun kid and loves doing stuff like this.  photo 044eresized_zps311cbb36.jpg

We’d just eaten but the kids really wanted popcorn because we’re American and watching a movie without popcorn seems wrong. We ordered the two large drinks and large popcorn combo and I about fell over when they handed me the drinks! They were huuuuuuuuge!! I literally laughed out loud and was shaking my head and just… laughing at the size of them. I couldn’t get over how large they were so much that I decided to take a picture to remember it.  photo 045eresized_zps44af2adf.jpg

Neither of those sodas were consumed even half way. haha  photo 047eresized_zpsfde02650.jpg

Because the drinks were so big I had to have each older girl hold one. They’d brought their dolls so I laid the dolls in Everett’s car seat and carried him into the theater like that. Once the girls put the drinks in the seats’ cup holders they took their dolls back.  photo 055eresized_zpsb7f6901e.jpg

And then it was all movie fun and excitement.
Expect for for me when Everett started whining, crying, and screaming. We spent all but five minutes of the movie walking up and down the long entry way to the theater. Not. Fun.

But as for the movie, Night at the Museum 3 had a couple parts I didn’t like my kids seeing but as a whole it was hilarious and all of us were laughing our butts off. And most importantly, Sierra thought it was just about the best day of her entire life since we talked all day about her being 9 and her birthday and just in general all about her. I really love that Seesee Bobbeen!  photo 073eresized_zpsf056b81b.jpg

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