In the Car

Everett has a blowout diaper while we’re in Target. I don’t have a change of clothes for him. It’s a very cold day. I breastfeed him in the front seat, wrapped in my coat, while the heater blasts warm air through the car. Then I let him hang out in the front seat with me a little longer to get the car as toasty warm as possible since he’ll be riding home in his car seat in just a diaper.

And I decide to take pictures because blowout diapers and car breastfeeding is normal and ordinary to me and I’m all about recording the normal and ordinary!  photo 051bwresized_zpsd89ccadf.jpg photo 071eresized_zpsb14b84a3.jpg  photo 097eresized_zps5bfea451.jpg photo 108eresized_zps26e6c7f5.jpg photo 115bwresized_zps1fddf18f.jpg

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