Grovia Diaper and Socks On

I came across this product called Socks On while browsing Amazon one day. It is a slip on cover for baby socks to keep itty bitty babies from rubbing their chubby little feet together and wiggling their socks off. I thought it looked like something that could help deter Everett from taking his own socks on and bought a pair.

When I opened the package and saw how thin and not-too-tight they were I thought there was no way it’d help keep Everett’s socks on. But I tried them out anyway. Well, I tried one out on his foot that doesn’t have a cast, anyway.

And it worked! Everett immediately went to pull his sock off, pulled the toe of it, the sock wouldn’t come off. He pulled again a couple times and then gave up and went crawling looking for other trouble to get into!

I had him wearing the Socks On sock cover for an errand the next day and it worked to keep his sock on while we were out! I’m sold! I wish I would’ve known about this product with my other babies!  photo 140eresized_zpsdf474be6.jpg

I took that above picture for my blog and then he was being so cute I took some more photos. I was also trying out a Grovia diaper cover I’d purchased so most of those pictures focus on that. I have a lot of thoughts about Grovia right now but am not going to share them yet because I only have that one diaper and have only owned it for about 6 days so I don’t know enough about if I love it. So far I’m still really, really, really in love with my Rumparooz and Blueberry covers with Cloth-Eez prefolds and fitteds. This is the best diapering set up I’ve tried in the last 7 years I’ve tried out different cloth diaper brands! I’ve not lost the love and motivation to cloth diaper this go around because it’s easy to launder my diapers and they don’t retain odors (at ALL!) and they’re cute and they fit well. Love love love those brands I just mentioned.  photo 133eresized_zps3a8f6e95.jpg photo 167eresized_zpsaf8fb996.jpg

I was hoping the Grovia cover would work with the prefolds and fitteds I own so I didn’t have to use the soaker pads from Grovia. But no such luck. No matter how I put on my prefolds or fitteds they were exposed in the thigh area. Any exposed cloth diaper means Everett’s clothes get wet with pee in those areas.  photo 166eresized_zps53835218.jpg

But how cute is this print?! I don’t mind having one cover/insert diaper in my collection when it’s this cute!  photo 172eresized_zpsc2a8f858.jpg

I switched the fitted he’d had on to a prefold to see if the Grovia cover would cover that and it was a no go as well.  photo 180eresized_zpsddf93752.jpg

So with this particular diaper I’ll just use the regular way the company intended it to be used, Grovia cover and Grovia soaker pads. I get the organic cotton soaker pads.  photo 182eresized_zps6d3c61be.jpg

I had to add this photo from Amazon… the soaker pads have leg gussets!! The number 1 reason I dislike insert/soaker pad diapering systems is the soaker pads are usually completely flat and don’t curve around baby’s thigh so any poop (especially breastfed babies) can leak right out around the thighs and it’s up to the diaper cover to do all the work of catching it.

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  • Love Everett's diaper! Cloth bums are the best! Have you tried diaper safari covers? They are cheap (and honestly nothing fancy) but I like them with prefolds and fitteds because they are nice and wide in the crotch & bum area. I never have issues with the prefolds or covers sticking out around my daughters legs (even stuffed to the max at night). They have sales often too so you can get 2 for under ten bucks sometimes… I swear I'm not affiliated with them. lol. Here's a link to the ones I bought:

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