Allan Takes Payson Ice Fishing with Kevin and Carter

Allan’s been wanting to go ice fishing this winter and finally got a chance to go with his brother, Kevin. They decided to each bring one of their kids and Saturday morning they were off bright and early.

I didn’t hear from Allan all day, obviously, but when he got home he told me a little bit about the trip. Payson was freaking out in the beginning wanting to go home because he was freezing cold. Allan had to kinda turn it all into a challenge to get Payson to calm down. I guess eventually Payson did stop having a meltdown and was mellow the rest of the trip but never happy to be there. haha. Poor Payson! He just doesn’t like being cold!

Here are Allan’s pictures from the trip.  photo 086eresized_zps8832befb.jpg

I heard that Allan got Payson all bundled up and sat him in this spot and Payson stayed there the entire time.  photo 087eresized_zps46873004.jpg

Kevin and Carter.  photo 088eresized_zps47a16ca0.jpg

The lake had a limit of two fish per person and the guys caught the limit. They came home with 8 fish, four fish for our family and four fish for Kevin’s.  photo 090eresized_zps7cbdf648.jpg

Unlike Payson, Carter seemed to have a good time!  photo 091e2resized_zps7bf915b9.jpg photo 092eresized_zps7ea6e9ba.jpg

Allan got home and set up to clean the fish. I um, did not like that process.  photo 080ecropresized_zps5a46f4a3.jpg

Ember was really happy for Allan to have caught so many. Her reaction surprised me because she’s such an animal lover I was worried she’d be upset by seeing the dead fish but she wasn’t. She said she was sad for them but she was happy that dad had caught so many for our dinners. It was a really mature thought process! I don’t know why her maturity would surprise me though, she’s always been exceptionally mature for her age.  photo 083bwresized_zps66cca7d4.jpg

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