The First Day of 2015!

We do a lot of things but I don’t photograph anything until the evening!

Allan shovels the driveway in the freezing cold!! I do NOT envy that task one little bit!  photo 138eresized_zps93ede698.jpg

All five kiddos. It was their idea to hop up on the counter.  photo 155eresized_zpsa9712f97.jpg

I photograph a diaper change because I realize how much of my life is spent changing diapers and how little that’s documented. ha  photo 164eresized_zps263591ef.jpg

Can I just say how difficult it is to change a diaper when your baby has a cast?! I honestly thought it was so difficult to change Everett before he had a cast because he will have a blow out every time he’s in a disposable (of any brand) and turns and kicks and grabs at his poopy privates EACH diaper change. It’s horrible.
WITH a cast is a nightmare! It’s everything it was plus the added stress of trying to keep the flailing baby from getting his cast into his poopy area and keeping him from grabbing his poopy diaper or poopy weiner or poopy thigh or whatever is poopy and then grabbing his cast. OR trying to hold him up well enough to wipe everywhere by only holding up his one cast-free leg! It’s an insane experience. haha!! Sometimes I think, Everett are you trying to get poop everywhere?! photo 168eresized_zps5fb14e19.jpg

I have to use cloth diapers with him while he’s in a cast because like I mentioned, he has a blow out any time we use disposables. I used cloth diapers 90% of the time before anyway but now it’s a must.
Before he had a cast I’d cloth diaper him except for during naps and at bedtime. I didn’t use cloth then because no cloth I’ve tried pulls the pee away from his skin enough to make him feel comfortable. Basically, every time he slept in cloth diapers he’d wake up right away because just drops of pee in his cloth diaper would wake him up. I never had this problem when I cloth diapered my other kids so I think it’s just an Everett thing. He hates feeling wet and wants to be changed immediately. Even in disposables but especially in cloth!

Anyway, I don’t have enough cloth diapers to fully cloth diaper every second of every day. But I do need to cloth diaper every second of every day now. So I ordered some more cloth diapers from Amazon but they’re not here yet. In the meantime I’m washing cloth diapers constantly! I always have a load of cloth diapers in the wash or dryer or hanging on the drying rack! And sometimes I run out completely and whatever load of diapers I’ve washed most recently isn’t dry enough and I have to use disposables and I have a panic attack because I know that if he poops in that hour that I don’t have a cloth diaper on him there is almost certainly going to get poop on his cast!! So I have literally doubled up on diapers during those times. But I don’t even put a diaper on and a diaper over it, I put a diaper on regularly and then I wrap another disposable (or cloth prefold) around just his thigh on his right leg (with the cast) to catch anything that might come out! haha! It’s ridiculous.  photo 170eresized_zps3d9d4ce0.jpg

And sometimes if I know it’s about time for him to have a big blow out poop (he tends to have a pattern of the biggest blow out diapers) I will use a disosable along with cloth stuff!! I’ll do a cloth prefold, a disposable on top, and then a cover! Luckily that’s only once in a while but this crazy way I’ve been diapering him has worked and he’s never had a drop of poo near his cast!!! This is seriously a miracle. Everett is a baby who has blow outs that go up to his neck and down to his feet sometimes! Keeping that all contained and a cast clean felt like an impossible task when I came home from the doctor that first day he got a cast but here we are just over half way done with his cast days and no messes.  photo 171bwresized_zpsc46af481.jpg

While the camera was set on timer I had all the kids join me for a quick picture. I rarely get pictures of me and all my kids together!  photo 172bwresized_zps04e1af8d.jpg

 photo 177bwresized_zpsdd9267bd.jpg
 photo 179bwresized_zps1ae16672.jpg
And that was it for pictures from January 1st!

5 thoughts on “The First Day of 2015!

  • It can be so hard, with mothering and running a home, not to get lost in the mundane redundancies that make up every day, and I think you really have a talent for recognizing it all as a fleeting gift and documenting it before it's gone! I'm inspired by you to just enjoy all these small moments this year and appreciate them. Thank you! And way to go on the poop-free cast, that sounds like no small feat.

  • So fun to watch your kids grow! Can't believe your last girl are that big, I remember when she was born. Hahaha. They are all so cute. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • My sympathies re. The cast. Do you have a waterproof cover for it that you could put on at nappy change time? It may help keep it clean, although you have an awesome system in place. Well done

  • Heledd, now I feel pretty stupid! I didn't know such a thing existed and never even thought about googling it! Those would have made my life a million times easier this last month! haha!

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