Jumping on the Bed!

Everett climbed up two sets of stairs, down the hall, and into Ember’s room. He crossed her room and crawled up onto her bed. Her bed is the only he can get onto since it’s a toddler bed. Once up there, he sat himself down and looked at all of us in the room, watching him, and clapped his hands together and giggled with pride.

Ember hurried over to join him. When she jumped up onto her bed it bounced Everett and he started laughing pretty hard. We all started smiling and laughing with him, because he seriously had the biggest grin on his face! Seeing Everett laughing and all of us laughing at Everett, Ember kept on jumping. And Everett kept on laughing. It was so much fun!  photo 061eresized_zps5ff64f25.jpg photo 063bwresized_zpsee7f447a.jpg

At a pause in the fun, when Everett was watching his siblings play.  photo 069bwresized_zpsf5d750a6.jpg photo 082bwresized_zps94d98783.jpg

So much fun in the littlest things!
 photo 087bwresized_zps0f41dbad.jpg

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