Everett’s Fingers Update

A bit about Everett’s scars. I don’t talk much about his syndactyly and recovery and scars anymore. I guess because it’s all about the same thing each time… or maybe because I don’t know that anyone cares?

Everett’s scars are noticeable and his skin is tight where he had surgery and he doesn’t have the best use of those fingers that were connected.
I was told to use Mederma as frequently as I possibly could and I’ve researched and read about how totally helpful it is to use Mederma or other scar creams but I’m having the most difficult time trying to do that! I feel like a wretched mother for not putting Mederma on him as often as I’d like 🙁

The thing is… he sucks his hands! How can I put that stuff on his fingers when he sucks on them?! I have talked with Allan about it often and how I have this trade off… do I put the Mederma on him and let him ingest it regularly or do I skip it but not have this wonderful scar treatment helping out his scarring?!?! Both are horrible options :/

Vitamin E oil was suggested to me by a mom I know online who has a son who had syndactyly surgery as well. Vitamin E oil is safer to consume if a baby does suck their hands and helps with scars a lot.
Another helpful thing is that winter has rolled around and that means that when I run errands Everett’s bundled under a car seat cover. It used to be that on errands and in his car seat was one of the times he sucked on his fingers the most but now he doesn’t at all! I keep the Mederma (and a bottle of vitamin E oil) in my diaper bag and massage one or the other into his scars before errands or during errands. It’s been a great, unexpected bonus to winter weather!  photo 145eresized_zpsaef66d22.jpg
I took the above picture to remember the neat Mederma-on-errands trick I did this winter.

In the picture below you can see a bit of the webbing between his ring and middle finger on his left hand. He’ll need surgery to separate that in the next 3-5 years. We don’t know when, his doctor isn’t in a hurry to do that surgery since it’s so mild and doesn’t affect the use of that hand.  photo 158eresized_zps08c2a632.jpg

In the next picture you can see that the fingers on his left hand aren’t too curved and aren’t very noticeably deformed but that the fingers on his right hand are very curved. He seems to be right handed but total hand strength in his left hand seems greater.
I guess that’s it for Everett’s fingers update!  photo 162eresized_zpsc09dc6e4.jpg

5 thoughts on “Everett’s Fingers Update

  • I used bio oil successfully on scars on my leg. Well I had two scars both one inch long and identical. One was one year old and the other was fresh, in six months time of putting it on twice a day as directed, the new one is gone and the old one is unchanged. I saw no change after 3 months but kept at it. Can you put it on his hands when he goes to sleep? Also I remember scarring my foot in high school doing a polar bear dive off ice in Russia, I can barely see it now. So rest assured with time, age and growth his scars will be minimal.

  • Time really does make a difference for their scars. I've had a lot of people out of the blue tell me that they can't believe how soft and blended Lathens scars look lately. I stopped mederma and vitamin e oil several months ago (because I was tired of doing it and I really thought they were as faded as they would get) but within the last few month its been amazing how faded the skin grafts have gotten on their own. When I stopped putting stuff on his scars, his skin grafts were still very dark. We are about 8/9 months post surgery. I'm sure with more time they will only fade more. You are doing all you can and time will do the rest!! 🙂 Everett is such a sweet looking baby! He always looks so happy! Happy New Year!!!

  • Honey and vitamin e oil is safe for him to suck on and really works. My brother had his heal cut off when he as three and it healed amazingly well with the combination. He is so cute! I love your post about him being excited to show things. 🙂 -Jenna

  • Anna, I used to use it almost exclusively at nap and bedtimes but he definitely sucks his hands during those times. To combat that I'd put socks over his hands. But he *hated* that and it was ruining his sleeping so I stopped using it when he sleeps. I do think like you said it'll fade over time. I'm more worried about the tightness- which I wonder if massage helps more than the scar cream. I'll have to ask his doctor at his upcoming appointment.

    Amber, I'm REALLY glad to hear that! I'm always glad to hear from other moms of babies with syndactyly… I'm glad I found you online and I'm so glad Lathen is doing well!

    Jenna, I don't think I'd use honey with Everett yet but I do love the vitamin E oil I have. It is a thinner liquid so it gets on things but it's not as sticky and doesn't have any odor like the Mederma so I don't mind.

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